School of General Education

The School of General Education supervises all 1-year students focusing on the adaptation process with the aim of developing general academic knowledge and skills. Moreover, the School prepares students for the acquisition of professional courses, which are taught from the second year of study. Today, the Institute teaches and guides over 2500 students from all parts of Kazakhstan including international students from Central Asia in general education courses.

            The School comprises 4 departments: English Language Department, The Department of Kazakh and Russian Languages, The Department of Social Studies and Department. The Department of Physical Education. In terms of adaptation of first-year students, Orientation week is held in August the week before a new semester officially begins.  Within the week, the students are introduced to the campus, library, and meet with the Vice-rector for academic affairs alongside the representatives of different departments. The freshmen are familiarized with the credit technology in education for the first time and they are handed "A freshman's guide-book", which is annually updated and amended. In addition, with regard to social adaptation of first-year students, a number of extracurricular activities are held at the very beginning of academic semester: "The student societies fair", a Team building of first-year students with a trip to Issyk Lake, “A week of kindness” and etc.

One of the main tasks of the School is to advise students on academic and career issues. An advisor is assigned to each student. An adviser is a teacher who works as an academic consultant on educational issues during the study. During personal conversations, the adviser helps students understand their competencies and aspirations in order to discover the most beneficial tracks of study and new opportunities. The adviser assists the students in creating an individual study plan, and clarifies the credit technology rules in more detail etc.

The School helps students improve their communication skills by teaching English, Kazakh and Russian. After official admission to the University, all students pass diagnostic test in written and oral form; based on testing results the level of language acquisition in Kazakh or Russian, as well as English is determined, that is, an individual learning path is built in language courses. By being result-oriented and providing "student-centered learning", University has introduced leveled learning of mathematics, physics and chemistry. All first-year students take diagnostic tests in these subjects before starting their studies.

The School also consists of a Student media center  and Sports club that has trained many famous athletes. Sports such as athletic gymnastics, mass wrestling, basketball, volleyball, football, arm wrestling, rugby, table tennis, freestyle wrestling, sambo, kazaksha kures, boxing, chess, checkers, togyz kumalak, fitness, sport orientation and martial arts are mastered at Satbayev University.

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