Al-Mashani Institute of Basic Education

The Institute is not a graduate; its activity is aimed at the formation of general academic knowledge and skills, orientation/directing of students and employees towards the high standards of academic excellence, professionalism and innovative thinking.

One of the main objectives of the Institute is to supervise students on academic and career issues. Each student is assigned an adviser who consults on the individual curriculum and helps to cope with the difficulties arising in student life. During personal conversations, the adviser assists students in understanding their competencies and desires in order to open the most effective/ ways of the study and new opportunities.

The structure of the Institute includes five departments: Mathematics, Social Disciplines, English Language, Kazakh and Russian Languages, and Physical Education. At the Department of Physical Culture there is a Sports Club, which brought up a lot of famous sportsmen.

The Institute helps students improve their communication skills through teaching English, Kazakh and Russian. The English Language Department of the Institute is one of the oldest in the University. It was established in 1934 and today it is the largest department of Satbayev University. Over the years, the department has developed more than 500 methodological developments and published 20 monographs, dozens of educational manuals, textbooks and multilingual dictionaries for technical universities.

Teachers of the Institute are experienced linguistic teachers, who annually take trainings at foreign universities and internships at Cambridge (Great Britain). One of the priorities of the Department of English Language is cooperation with international educational organizations, embassies of Great Britain, the USA, France, Germany, Spain in Kazakhstan, as well as university-partners. Thanks to this, the institute constantly updates the language teaching programs.

The Department of Physical Culture/Education was established in 1934. The first head was P.A. Kalifutov, who was in charge of the department for almost 30 years. Since 2016 the department has been led by T.S. Imataliev, the master of sports in bodybuilding (according to WBPF version), the certified trainer of the international class in bodybuilding and fitness, the judge of the international category on bodybuilding and mas-wrestling.

At Satbayev University, the following sports are cultivated: athletic gymnastics, mass wrestling, basketball, volleyball, football, arm wrestling, rugby, table tennis, free-style wrestling, sambo, kazakh kuressi, boxing, chess, checkers, togyz қumalak, fitness, sports orienteering and martial arts. Students are helped by experienced teachers, including Professor Zh.B. Boztayev, master of sports, a judge of international category - V.A. Chivzhel, senior teachers NM. Akhmedzhanova, I.Yu. Mashkov, G.S. Syromolotova, Honored Master of Sports in Kazakh Kuresi, two-time world champion, three-time Asian champion B.T. Talip, to succeed.

The University has always prepared elite athletes; among them Olympic champion in volleyball Valery Kravchenko, world champion in classical wrestling Vladimir Bakulin, conquerors of Everest K. Valiev and E. Ilyinsky, V. Khrishatyi, masters of sports of international class in basketball Galina Madison and Alexander Nikishin, multiple champion in tennis Yegor Shaldunov.

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