Institute of Chemical and Biological Technologies

The Institute trains experts in the field of chemistry engineering and engineering for chemical, chemical and technological, oil processing and petrochemical branches.

Chemical engineering is the engineering branch including in itself physics and chemistry. Students study processes which are necessary to transform raw materials and chemicals into the useful, daily products. The chemical engineering is the high-tech industry based on considerable knowledge of chemical and biological processes which are used for increasing in production efficiency and in processing of the industrial wastes they are crucial.

The Institute develops new approaches in chemical engineering and trains chemical engineers, technical engineers of new generation, future leaders of the large industrial chemical production and medium business.

The Institute originates from “Applied Chemistry” department as a part of the Kazakh mining and metallurgical institute (1934). The outstanding scientists of chemical industry of the USSR organized the department, who created and developed chemical industry, phosphoric branch and nonferrous metallurgy of Kazakhstan.

In 1994 at the initiative of the academician E. Shaykhutdinov in higher education institution (at that time  KAZNRTU named after K.I. Satpayev) “High-molecular compounds” department was created, and it was the new level of development of the Institute. The leading higher education institutions of Russia, Great Britain and Italy were involved in work of department as partners in preparation of scientific and technical and engineering specialists for petrochemical branch. In 2016 the department was a part of Institute of Chemical and biological technologies.

Today the Institute is the leader in the field of training of specialists for petrochemical and oil and gas processing branches of Kazakhstan. The high level of teaching students is supported by the qualified teachers with larger practical and scientific and pedagogical experience.

Laboratories of the Institute are equipped with the modern equipment of Phywe Systeme (Germany) for laboratory workshops on physical, colloid, analytical chemistry. Students have access to the system of the virtual laboratory works, participate in scientific research and scientific student's conferences. The institute works with school pupils of Almaty and Almaty region, actively involving them in the annual republican and international subject olympiad in chemistry.

The Institute has broad communications with the universities of the European Union, the USA and Asia, cooperates with the Lakeville University (Italy) and the St. Petersburg university (Russia). In September, 2012 the Memorandum of the mutual cooperation with the Kazan National University of Science and Technology was signed.

Students and teachers of the Institute participate in the international programs Tempus, Erasmus, Newton-al-Farabi, undertake language internships in Great Britain, professional internships in a number of foreign higher education institutions and at the partner enterprises.

The Institute maintains partnership with the leading representatives of oil, gas-chemical branches of Kazakhstan: "The Atyrau oil refinery plant", "The Pavlodar petroleum chemical plant", "The Kazakh gas processing plant", “Intergas Central Asia”, “Tengizshevroil” and “Fluor Corporation” companies and also Independent center of expert appraisal of oil products (Organic).

At the Institute the scientific student's club "Future science club" was organized. Advisors of academic groups devote much time to work with students. They go on excursion and camping with students, visit theatres, exhibition halls, the museums.


Tuiebakhova Zoya Kaimovna


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Portnyagina Irina Alekseevna

Deputy director

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