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How many points are needed to get a study grant at Satbayev University?

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How many points are needed to get a study grant at Satbayev University?

Right now, this question cannot be answered exactly as grants are allocated on a competitive basis and the passing grade changes every year. The passing grade for the grant of 2018 will help to be oriented. For example, even for such a top specialty, as “Oil and Gas Business”, the passing grade for the grant comprised just 68 points.

Satbayev University has introduced a new system of educational programs this year. Currently, when entering the university, you choose the course field or training program and study together with the completely academic stream, and only in the 3rd year, you choose a specialization within the study field. This will facilitate the selection and entry. In addition, last year 11 thousand grants were allocated for technical specialties, this number exceeds the one that was two years ago, accordingly, it will be easier to be enrolled at the university.

For example, the specialty of the future "Information Systems", which is included in "Computer Science" program, demanded just 66 points due to high market demand for programmers.



Satbayev University has a rich student assistance system and good infrastructure:


• The university is located at the historical center of Almaty,

• 10 educational buildings and 6 hostels,

• A library with 2 million books,

• Computer classes for 500 seats,

• 2 football fields.

All non-resident students have the opportunity to live in a hostel - the payment is just 3100 tenge per month. Dormitories are located in campus territory.

Minimum required UNT score for grant contest participation is 65. The threshold for  major specialties admission is 5 points. Specialized disciplines at Satbayev University are physics, mathematics, biology and chemistry.



                  Passing grade for grants at Satbayev University 2018


Names of specialties

2018-2019 yy.

Which educational program  includes

Threshold points 2018 yy.











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