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Проекты Satbayev University

Satbayev University actively supports technological entrepreneurship based on University's innovation cluster. University has developed a system of project commercialization, including a Technology park and Patent and Scientific Publications Office.

Patent and Scientific Publications Office at Satbayev University promotes the transfer of University technologies, supports University scientists’ initiatives, and provides mentoring and expertise services to resident startups. In this way, Office contributes to entrepreneurial thinking growth and to implementing the entrepreneurial university model, helping to transform Satbayev University into the innovation center.

Main services of the Office

  • providing informational support to University employees and students;
  • providing consulting services in the field of intellectual property protection;
  • patenting of intellectual property objects;
  • signing of licence agreements.


Find out more by calling 8 (727) 292 55 40.


The best start-up projects of Satbayev University:

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“The innovative aluminum alloys production”

Supervisor: d.t.s. Smagulov Daulethan Ulialovich

“Production of innovative aluminum alloys” project received the grant funding from Science Foundation JSC due to commercialization Office. As part of the project, a new deformed aluminum alloy with an operating temperature of 300-350C was developed. An innovative technology of plasma electrolytic oxidation (PEO) has been developed and implemented. Samples of working stages of electric centrifugal pumps made of aluminum alloy with a nanostructured protective ceramic coating were obtained. The design of a compact stage with an open wheel has been developed. Patents are registered. A pilot PEO laboratory unit with a capacity of 420 stages/year was manufactured.


"The device of protection against unauthorized access"

Supervisor:c.t.s.. Seilova Nurgul Abadullayevna

Business partner: “Tochpribor” LLP

"Device for protection against unauthorized access" project received grant funding from Science Foundation JSC due to commercialization Office.

The device for protection against unauthorized access (DPAUAA) is used to ensure the protection and security of confidential data of public and private structures. The advantage of DPAUAA is its flexibility and versatility, low overhead costs, which allows you to save time and money aimed at ensuring information security in public and private enterprises.


"Charging power plant for electric vehicles"

Supervisor: c.t.s. Utebayev Ruslan Maratovich

A startup company was created: “Polytech Electronics” LLP

Commercialization Office provided full project support and assistance for obtaining an innovation grant from “NATD” JSC. Based on competition results, JSC "NATD" Commission decided to allocate grant funding to the project.

The project is aimed at organizing the production of charging stations and portable chargers for electric vehicles and their subsequent maintenance, which will contribute to electric vehicles development.


“Production of SAVENERGY energy-efficient vacuum heat-insulating panels”

Supervisor: PhD Nurlybaev Ruslan Yergaliyevich

Created a startup company: "SAVENERGY" LLP. Business partner: "Ernarservis" LLP.

Commercialization Office provided full support to the application for grant funding under "Stimulating productive innovations" project of World Bank and RK Education and Science Ministry. Following “SAVENERGY” LLP competition results, the winner and owner of grant funding was declared. “SAVENERGY” LLP is engaged in producing vacuum thermal insulation panels with low thermal conductivity based on domestic raw materials. The new technology used by the startup company will reduce the cost of 1 м2 of enclosing structures by 20 %, develop constructive solutions for building thermal protection and reduce energy consumption by 10 times during the heating season. Savenergy thermal insulation panels were tested at Mordovstroytest Test center (Russia) and Center for new construction materials and technologies (Russia).



Supervisor: Suleyev Timur

Startup Company: IE "Suleyev T"

Project concept: launch of the first production in Kazakhstan based on alternative technologies for producing plastic and metal products. In the future, Print3DHub plans to develop its activities from production of individual parts to production system to the full cycle (drawing – finished product) with minimal human involvement. The basis will be the use of additive technologies in the form of various 3D printers.


‘’Print Online’’

Supervisor: Adilbekov Aimurat

Startup company creation is being prepared

The project essence is to organize a printing center that works on the principle of an online order for printing the necessary material through a specially designed website. After placing an order, the customer picks up their order at the appointed time. The "Print Online" service will allow students to get the necessary service without wasting time and queues.

For now, the necessary site has been developed, and a sponsor has been found ready to allocate funds for the necessary equipment purchase.

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