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The main goal of Office is to increase the efficiency of University's scientific potential, organize research work of University teachers, employees and students, and increase the competitiveness of University developments.

To achieve this goal, Office performs the following functions:

  • Support and administration of current research projects
  •  Organization and support of applications for external financing
  •  Informational and consulting support for research and teaching staff
  • Coordination and control of scientific activities of the University
  • Promoting the implementation and commercialization of research and innovation results
  • Organization of University teaching staff and students’ participation in various competitions that stimulate research and innovation.

In addition to the above, Office serves as the development of Satbayev University's technological partnership with industrial enterprises. Office employees monitor and analyze global and domestic trends in advanced scientific fields, study the demand for scientific developments and services of University, come to enterprises with proposals for modernizing the production processes, negotiate and conclude contracts for funded research projects.

University constantly adapts its policy of interaction with production to modern realities. University scientists analyze critical problems of a particular production, discuss it in the circle of University scientific community, mobilize the best forces to form their vision, offer solutions and present it at the scientific-technical Council of an industrial enterprise.


Since its foundation, Satbayev University has been actively working in close contact with production, solving current problems and creating high technologies for production.



Services of the contract research office:

  • Monitoring of specialized sites for state and commercial tenders, electronic auctions, and other procedures for purchasing works and services.
  • Informing SU researchers about the announced procurement of research works.
  • Organization of SU researchers’ meetings with representatives of industrial enterprises to cooperate to solve current production problems.
  • Coordinating the work of SU scientific departments and research teams to prepare proposals for solving technological problems of production.
  • Coordinating the work of scientific departments and research teams on the conclusion and execution of contractual works on the production order.
  • Organizing the work on accreditation and certification of SU research and educational departments.
  • Assistance to Satbayev University scientists and employees in applying for external grant funding for STR commercialization.
  • To assist in STR results promotion to markets.

The main areas of research carried out by Satbayev University are related to such areas of University activity as IT-technologies, electronics and electrical engineering, "green" energy, geology, mining, metallurgy, industrial engineering, biotechnology, materials science. University has the most powerful computing cluster in Kazakhstan and performs large amounts of work on solving scientific problems that require large computing resources.

The high scientific potential and experience of University in developing the latest technological solutions allow the higher educational institution to solve effectively the most complex production tasks. We provide effective solutions focused on your needs to complete the project on time and within the budget.

Because of this work, the number of business agreements between Satbayev University and industrial enterprises of the country increases every year. Satbayev University specialists conduct research for such well-known private and state-owned enterprises as “Kazzinc”, “Kazatomprom”, “Kazchrom”, “Petro Kazakhstan Kumkol resources”, “Tospa Su”, “Parassat”, and “Pavlodar petrochemical plant”. The best projects of the university were included in Golden Fund of sovereign Kazakhstan’s technologies.


The best projects:

  1. Underground leaching of uranium using innovative biotechnological methods. 
  2. Developing the method for de-metallization and desulphurization of raw materials of DCU "PPCP" LLP in order to obtain prototypes of de-metallized and low-sulfur coke.
  3. Technology of drilling and blasting operations based on computer-aided design of parameters and results of mass explosions in quarries.
  4. Reserves for optimizing the mode of mining operations and productivity of excavator-automobile complexes in the open development of steeply falling deposits.

Advantages of working with Satbayev University

• Outsourcing of complex industrial projects

You can focus on your business - we will provide a solution to your production problems. Find out more by calling 8 (727) 320 41 14.

• Educational programs

We develop educational programs and train qualified personnel for your production. Find out more by calling 8 (727) 292 9935, 8 (777) 398 1856.

Best scientific projects of Satbayev University


Underground leaching of uranium using innovative biotechnological methods

Intensification of the process of underground uranium bioleaching based on increased immobilization of bacteria on solid carriers to increase the concentration of uranium in productive solutions and reduce the consumption of sulfuric acid.


The problem:

Mine leaching solutions contain a low content of trivalent iron. To increase trivalent iron content in the mine, hydrogen peroxide is used, which significantly increases the process cost.



At the first stage of the work, a complex of studies was carried out for uranium mine – laboratory studies, sampling with bacteria, and studying the kinetics of the process in laboratory conditions on model and production solutions. As a result, unique data on temperature modes of operation and bacterial reproduction modes were obtained.

Bacteria adapted to mine solutions are actively reproduced without the need for regular additions.

At the second stage of work, an experimental installation was tested for approbation to apply biotechnological methods directly on the mine solutions. It is calculated that an installation with a volume of up to 500 m3 for industrial implementation can provide the necessary degree of transition of divalent iron to trivalent. The installation in a container assembly was delivered to the mine and put into operation. During the tests, several variants of technological scheme organization were investigated. Laboratory data confirmed the effectiveness of transition process of ferrous iron in solution to the trivalent form.

To achieve the kinetics of the process, we used innovative methods that apply an increased bacteria concentration. This made it possible to increase the solution flow through the plant several times, which is of fundamental importance for industrial implementation of the project.


Economic efficiency:

Biotechnological methods for underground leaching will:

  •  Increase the uranium content in productive solutions by 10-20 %.
  • Reduce sulfuric acid consumption by 5-15 %.
  • Increase the redox potential of solutions.
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