Satbayev University
Преимущества обучения

Higher education on international quality standards

Преимущества обучения

Increased demand in the labor market

Преимущества обучения

Effective on-the-job training

Преимущества обучения

Professors-practitioners with considerable experience in industry

Преимущества обучения

Opportunity to choose the new career

Преимущества обучения

Only relevant knowledge required for the work in the industry

Преимущества обучения

Diploma of one of the leading universities of Kazakhstan (the same as 4 year education)

Преимущества обучения

Perspective business relationship (networking)

Преимущества обучения

Saving finance and time (duration of studies – 2 years)

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When there are more open doors before you

два диплома

Postgraduate program is a competitive advantage in the modern dynamic world. Having two diplomas has become the standard for ambitious people, who intend to occupy a prestigious position.

Why is postgraduate program getting popular?

The growing sector of the knowledge-intensive production has created revitalization in the market of engineering specialties. It is already clear now that the engineering and IT are the main fields of the future.

Postgraduate program is necessary if you:

Are an expert who is ready to occupy or has already occupied the leading position. Knowledge of HR and management will help you to lead the staff and projects.

Are not satisfied with the career development, you do not practice your profession, you want to change a profession. The postgraduate program will help you to develop the career or to achieve a strong position in new branch.

Have decided to open the business. The start of business requires huge amount of knowledge and skills. Postgraduate program will help you to avoid "children's mistakes" and will give the chance to get involved quickly into new field of activity.

Are still a student, but you have high ambitions. You understand that in the future more and more universal experts will be required, and you are ready “make the most of all possible” in this situation!

When life goes much nicer

Advantage of postgraduate program at Satbayev University:

Graduates of the SU
are most
in demand


Qualified staff,
90% — lecturers-practitioners

Individual approach
to every student

to choose training course
and education module

practical work

Effective in-house training
in individual pace

Practice bases
in all regions of Kazakhstan

to take part
in research studies

to continue training
in master’s degree and PhD programs

The fixed price,
flexible payment system

Online education

When all you need is a computer

A modern form of education in the electronic format

The second higher education at Satbayev University is focused on people who value time. Therefore, we offer those programs only in online format. Qualitative technical education now is just a click away from you.

2 years or less to receive a specialty

Constant access to lessons through the personal cabinet

Convenient schedule and rhythm of training

Profitable price


Opportunity to obtain the European diploma on German ASSIIN program


Opportunity to obtain double diploma of postgraduate program


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When you have more opportunities

The laboratories are equipped with the newest equipment of the leading world firms

The university actively cooperates with the foreign companies and the universities

Training in computer programming

Educational practice is carried out on own training base and at the best manufacturing enterprises of Kazakhstan and Russia

Possibility of receiving supplementary education according to the program of the academic mobility at the universities of the western and the eastern Europe

Exchange programs in cooperation with MES RK, Erasmus+, internship

Seminars, trainings, workshops by the leading foreign experts

Each profession has a number of related educational programs. Use a form below to learn what educational programs will bring you new opportunities.

Related educational programs at Satbayev University

Choose your educational program in a column on the left.

The form will help you to plan your career. For example, if your educational program is "Metallurgy", you can master "Mining" and pass into field with rapid career development to a senior position. The reverse transition is not beneficial.

Or you can download the List of related specialties completely.

Submission requirements

higher education

of training is 2 years

Training is in Kazakh,
Russian, English languages

Learn when it is convenient to you

Flexible Schedule of Learning and Admission

4 sessions of Entrance Examinations per year

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Post-graduate Education Department

Republic of Kazakhstan,
Almaty, 22а Satbayev St.,
Oil Academic Building (НК).
You should enter from the Massanchi Street

Work Hours:
Monday – Friday,
from 8:30 to 17:30

+ 7 (777) 398 18 57

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