Technology of calculation and design of wooden structures
Learning directions

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Learning directions according to specialties classificator of higher and postgraduate education of the RK Group of educational programs UNT subjects
5B072500 Technology of woodworking and wood products (by application areas) B069 Production of materials (glass, paper, plastic wood) Math - Physics
5B072900 Construction B074 Urban planning, construction works and civil engineering Math - Physics
830 000 KZT / 1 year
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Training of specialists in the field of wooden house construction and production of wooden structures, building materials, furniture, products and structures made of wood. The training ends with the award of "Bachelor of Engineering and Technology" degree.

Students gain knowledge in the field of organizing and conducting the construction works as well as the works on production of wooden structures, wood and building materials, products and structures; operation, maintenance, repair and reconstruction of construction facilities and technical equipment; conducting the work in research organizations under the guidance of leading specialists in technology, calculation and design of wooden structures.

The program provides for one training and production practice, which allows a student to receive the applied skills necessary for successful work in the future from the 1st year. The disciplines are designed in such a way that students begin to feel and think creatively, critically and fancifully from the first study day.

Graduates work in woodworking industries, analyze the economic efficiency in the activities of woodworking industries, develop tactics and strategy of production activities at enterprises. They can work as a master, designer, technologist, manager, organizer and production head, engineer of production and technical services; engage in the design and reconstruction of workshops.