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Технопарк Satbayev University

Technopark was established in 2004 and is an instrument for coordinating the work of the university with industry, startups of students and teachers, as well as innovative enterprises created by Satbayev University scientists. The Technopark was created jointly with the Innovation Fund (successor - Center for Engineering and Technology Transfer).

Technopark is located on the territory of Satbayev University and provides space and resources for the creation of commercialization of scientific developments, the dynamic development of science-intensive technologies and the introduction of scientific, technical and technological developments into industry.

Technopark mission:

  • creation of conditions for the dynamic development of science-intensive technologies;
  • introduction of scientific, technical and technological developments into industry;
  • commercialization of the final results of scientific developments.

The Technopark takes upon itself the organization and support of the companies interaction process, scientific organizations and commercial enterprises engaged in the commercialization of scientific achievements and developments. Technopark helps to form teams, build effective communication within project groups and develop young enterprises.

Technopark provides production facilities and collective business services, provides service support for your start-ups, provides advice and assistance in processing applications for grant financing. Innovators are provided with access to computer equipment, the Internet, office space, open space for working in teams and offices for negotiations.

Main directions of technologies

  • FabLab experimental design bureau
  • The Experimental Design Bureau provides services for working with modern electronic equipment, has high-precision machines for the production of complex parts and devices. Has a unique material and technical base of 3D plastic printing (ABS), which allows you to create 3D models, presentation samples, auto parts, toys, souvenirs and other products in the shortest possible time.

Technopolis Politech technopark has created all conditions for introducing the latest methods of research of various problems. The Institute is always open to those who wish to contribute into science.

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