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Satbayev University conducts training in three educational programmes - Bachelor’s, Master’s, Doctoral degree programme. It is also possible to study at a college-based Bachelor’s degree programme and receive a second university degree in an online format.

Duration of training in the following programmes:

Master’s degree programme - 4 years.
College-based Master’s degree programme - 3 years.
The second university degree (distance education technology) - 2 years.
Scientific and pedagogical Master’s degree programme - 2 years.
Profile Master’s degree programme - 1 year and 1.5 years.
Doctoral degree programme - 3 years.
The form of education: full-time
Training conditions: training is carried out on state grants and on a contractual basis.

For enrollment to the university, it is necessary to register on the website, and after confirming the registration, to submit originals or notarized copies of documents to the Admission Committee. For enrollment to the grant, it is necessary to complete an application for participation in the competition for the award of state educational grants within the time limits established by the MES RK.

The documents presented to the Admission Committee are filed in a folder, the title page must contain: the applicant's last, first and middle names (full), the code and name of the educational programme, home address, city code, telephone, mobile phone, email address, year of receipt.

Welcome to the student fraternity of Satbayev University!


Bachelor’s degree programme

Persons who have a general secondary (secondary general), technical and vocational (primary vocational or secondary vocational), post-secondary, higher (higher vocational) education can be accepted in Bachelor’s degree programme. For enrollment at the University, graduates of schools, in addition to the final exams at school, pass an entrance exam in the form of the Unified National Testing (UNT) or Comprehensive Testing (CT – for graduates of schools and colleges of past years). After graduation a student receives a Bachelor's degree. In Kazakhstan the second university degree is received only on a paid basis with an accelerated term of studies of 2-3 year.

The acceptance of documents begins from June 1 and ends on August 25. However, specific introductory activities have a clearly limited stage in this period of time. Therefore, specify the stage of interest in the Admission Committee. The final decision on the grant is published in print at the beginning of August.

You will need the following documents for enrollment:

Documents for passing the UNT and CT:

     1. Application on a standard form;

     2. A certificate or diploma of graduation from an elementary vocational or general secondary educational institution (original);

     3. Two photo cards 3x4 cm;

     4. Medical certificate, form 086 /u and a X-ray image;

     5. The identity card of the applicant (original and copy);

     6. Receipt of payment for conducting a comprehensive testing.

Documents submitted in a foreign language must have a notarized translation into Kazakh or Russian.


The results of the UNT and CT

The main factor that influences of grant reception is points scored during the UNT or CT. On average, grants can be obtained by those who received from 65 to 90 or more points. This is the amount collected in such items as:

  • History of Kazakhstan;
  • Mathematical literacy;
  • Literacy reading;
  • Profile subject;
  • Profile subject.

If in the subjects that are passed during the UNT or CT, the applicant has scored points below 5, then he is not allowed to participate in the competition.

You should pay attention to the fact that the applicant must have 5 or higher points, including in the profile subjects.

College graduates pass only two subjects. Therefore, if for graduates of 11 classes the maximum score is 140, and the pass rate is 65, then for college graduates the maximum score is 70, and the pass rate is 25.

Persons who do not score a liminal score on the results of UNT / CT may be enrolled in higher education institutions in full-time tuition on a fee basis with the condition of re-passing UNT / CT in January.


Package of documents for participation in the competition on a common basis

Applicants who have a certificate of UNT or CT for the competition for the grant provide such documents as:

1. A certificate or diploma of graduation from an elementary vocational or general secondary educational institution (original);

2. Certificate of UNT or CT;

3. Identity card original (optional copy);

4. Medical certificate, form 086/u;

5. Photos 3x4 cm - 2 pcs;

6. Application for participation in the competition (the form is provided in the Admission Committee).

Documents for those who belong to the preferential categories

Beneficiary applicants (orphans) must submit originals and copies of such documents:

1. Birth certificate;

2. Certificate of death of the father, mother.

Disabled since childhood of I or II groups provide the originals of documents:

1. Certificate from DDS (Disability Determination Services).

Students who wish to study at the Institute of Military Affairs at Satbayev University and have undergone a medical examination pass physical fitness tests in accordance with approved standards and receive a place to study military science on a competitive basis.

    Table of standards for physical training.    


Test content

                      Score for the test






Running 100 meters (seconds)






Running 3000 m (minutes)






Running for 12 minutes (km)




2,2-2,1 4


Long jump from the spot (m)





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