Abdimanap Galymzhan

Abdimanap Galymzhan

Computer vision expert

Years of training: 2015-2019 yy.
Specialty: "Computer hardware and software"

After completing my studies at the Daryn school in the city of Kentau successfully, my educational path led me to the exciting world of the Kazakh National Research Technical University named after Kanysh Satpayev. My decision to enroll in the specialty "Computer Engineering and Software"  turned out to be key in my professional growth.

During the bachelor's program at KazNRTU, I plunged into the world of computing technology and programming. In the third year of my bachelor's degree, I got the opportunity to join the international company IPSOS, where I started my career as a data administrator and then retrained as a data engineer. This experience greatly expanded my knowledge of information technology and its application in business.

Here I plunged into the fascinating world of research and application of artificial intelligence in computer vision.

At the master's stage, my interest in artificial intelligence and computer vision took over. This interest was embodied in an internship at the laboratory "National Scientific Laboratory for Collective Use of Information and Space Technologies" in the fourth year. Here I plunged into the fascinating world of research and application of artificial intelligence in computer vision. Special thanks to my mentors Nurseitov Daniyar Borisovich and Bostanbekov Kairat Aratovich for their professional guidance and valuable instructions.

Currently, as a PhD student at KazNRTU, I continue my research and dive deeper into the field of artificial intelligence. My work at KazMunayGas Engineering as an expert in the computer vision and advanced development sector provides me with the opportunity to apply my knowledge to real-life production projects. Education at KazNRTU not only equipped me with technical skills, but also developed creative thinking and the ability to solve complex problems, which became an indispensable factor in my professional journey.

I made so many incredible friendships at the university. Here, each student is part of the large family where ideas, inspiration and support are shared. I remember those moments when my friends and I spent nights discussing projects and study assignments, not noticing how time flies.

Here, each student is part of the large family.

An indelible memory was scientific research in the laboratory. It was a time when the passion for discovery explored the limits of my understanding and contributed to our journey to new horizons of knowledge. I remember how, together with a team of students, we participated in hackathons and solved complex problems and boldly went beyond the curriculum, opening up new perspectives.

I also discovered a love for scientific conferences and events at university. Here I had a unique opportunity to share my research, hear from colleagues and meet outstanding professionals in the world of science. These meetings became not only a source of knowledge, but also inspiration for their own achievements.

Remembering the university, the laughter and joy of joint creativity, continuous growth and self-development remained in my memory. University has not only provided me with an education - it has been a place where I have made precious memories and valuable friends, and has been the key to my exciting journey of professional and personal development.

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