Tuleshov Amandyk Kuatovich

Acting Rector

Doctor of Technical Sciences (1999), Professor (2002), Corresponding Member of the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Academician of the International and National Engineering Academy of RK, Vice President of the National Engineering Academy of RK, Chairman of the National Committee for Theoretical and Applied Mechanics of the NAS RK, Chairman of the International Committee on TMM (IFToMM) and Robotics in RK.



Zhautikov Bakhyt Akhatovich

Chief of Staff

Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Corresponding Member of the National Engineering Academy of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the International Engineering Academy (Moscow), Academician of the Kazakhstan National Academy of Natural Sciences and the National Academy of Sciences of Higher Education, National Expert in Science, National Expert in Accreditation. He held senior positions in the higher education system of RK. 2017-2021 held the position of Rector of Karaganda State Industrial University. Awarded by medals, certificates of honors, and departmental awards: including the anniversary medal "25 years of the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan", "Honorary Worker of Education RK", "For special services in the development of science", "Honored Energetic RK", the golden badge of A. Baitursynov Association of Higher Education Institutions of RK, "Belsendi qyzmeti ushin" (Active Service Medal) of "NurOtan". He has gratitude letters from President RK- K - Zh. K. Tokayev and First President Elbasy of the Republic of Kazakhstan N.A. Nazarbayev. The holder of the grant "Best teacher of the university - 2010". Author of more than 200 publications, including four monographs, 11 teaching aids, more than 80 educational and methodological developments, 35 authorship certificates, and patents. Нe is a member of «NurOtan».


Barmagambetov Bakhytzhan Ziuadinovich

Vice-Rector for Corporate Development

An economist, Doctor of Business Administration. Over the years, he served as Deputy Akim of Aktobe, Director of the Department for Territorial and Industrial policy of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, First Deputy CEO of Kazakh Institute of Oil and Gas JSC, First Vice-President of KazakhOilEmba OJSC, Chairman of the Board of the National Bank subsidiary in Chelyabinsk; served as an executive on many banks. He was awarded with “10 Years of Astana” and “KAZENERGY” medals.


Syzdykov Askar Hamzayevich

Vice-Rector for Scientific Work

Syzdykov Askar Hamzayevich is a mining engineer, candidate of technical sciences, PhD. Academician of RK National Academy of Mining Sciences. Professor of “Petroleum Engineering” department. He is the author of more than 50 published scientific works and inventions, including copyright certificates of the USSR and patents of the USA, Canada, Sweden, Japan and Germany. From 1980 to 1992 he was engaged in scientific and pedagogical work - JR, SR, LR, teacher, senior lecturer, associate professor of "Technologies and techniques for drilling wells" department at KazPTI named after V.I. Lenin. He is an experienced production worker; from 1993 to 2017, he worked in various domestic and foreign companies in the geological and oil-gas industries of the Republic of Kazakhstan. He occupied executive and managerial positions in “KazMunayGas” National Company system. He was awarded “RK Honorary Explorer”, “Excellence in RK exploration”, “Honored Worker of RK Oil and Gas Industry” as well as commemorative medals “70 years to Kazakhstan pipeline transport”, “120 years to Kazakhstan oil” and diplomas of RK Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, RK Ministry of Oil and Gas and NWF “Samruk-Kazyna.”


Cherniyazdanov Chingiz Askarovich

Managing Director for Innovative Activities, Deputy Chairman of the Board of the subsidiary of Satbayev University - JSC STC Parasat, Member of the Supervisory Board of the Satbayev University & ArcelorMittal Gas Production JV

Manages the following structural divisions of Satbayev University: The International Center of Field Analysis and Development, Development and Sales Service, Scientific and Investment Projects Service, and the following Departments: Project Management and Commercialization, Asset Management, Strategic Planning and Analysis in JSC STC Parasat. Mechanic engineer, graduated from the Satbayev University with the major in Design, Construction and Operating of Gas and Oil Pipelines, Master in Economics and Business. Participated in developing laws in the field of intellectual property, oil pipelines, gas distribution, subsoil management, tax and customs codes, and the transition to the green economy in Kazakhstan. Headed the establishment of the Satbayev University & ArcelorMittal Temirtau JV to explore and extract coalbed methane in Karaganda Region; the establishment of The International Center of Field Analysis and Development jointly with Schlumberger, Baker Hughes, General Electric, China Coal Technology Engineering Group. Worked in oil and gas industry for more than 16 years in such companies as Kazakh Institute of Oil and Gas, JSC KazTransGas, JSC NC KazMunayGas; headed the establishment of distribution networks of international IT corporation Autodesk in Kazakhstan. Has an international certification as an expert in automated engineering analysis systems in the design, operation of gas pipelines and the development of oil and gas fields.


Kim Vladislav Olegovich

Managing Director of Business Development

Methodological analyst. Designed the working principles for analytical models and artificial intelligence application in business processes and company operations. Holds more than seven copyright certificates for scientific works in the field of application of large amounts of data in business processes and in the field of replacing the company management with artificial intelligence. His scientific developments are backed up by successfully implemented projects in the fields of artificial Intelligence and bigdata. These projects were carried out in Russia and Kazakhstan with total cost over 10 million US dollars. He carried out over 50 industrial scale projects, including: efficiency management center for Gazprom Neft PJSC, digital twin and paperless manufacturing, scheduling, kerosene supply chain control, construction control program of Nurly Zher for Baiterek Development JSC, program for production control and material flow auditing for Ust-Kamenogorsk Titanium and Magnesium Plant, plant-fuel station supply chains control program for JSC NC KazMunayGas. Headed the Smart Almaty project, which won the second place in European competition. The experience of Vladislav Kim is used to establish major intellectual centers for business management, which can fully replace situation centers and BI centers. A consultant of high demand in Russia and Kazakhstan in the field of big data analysis in complex processes of industrial enterprises and artificial intelligence algorithm development.


Abdurazakov Alibek Kalybekovich

Managing Director for Digitalization of Educational Processes

Programmer, mobile app developer, Master of Science. One of the youngest participants of StartupYard startup incubator (Prague).He was involved in the development of a service designed to analyze large amounts of labor market data based on machine learning algorithms. He participated in the development of various internal systems for the Kazakh-British technical University. Winner of the "Best Young Manager of KBTU" award. He is the Creator of the intellectual platform Emtihunter designed for online-learning and online exams. Author of an online testing platform, with over 200 different types of questions including graphical and complex mathematical expressions.


Yelemessov Kassym

Director of Institute of Metallurgy and Industrial engineering

He is a scientist involved in the issues of technological machinery and equipment, and he is a teacher who has twenty years of teaching experience. He was awarded "Excellence in Mining Science" honorary badge and the 3rd degree "Miner’s glory" departmental badge. He is the author of four tutorials, three innovative patents and five publications with a high impact factor included in Thomson Reuter, Scopus databases. He is the head of PTF scientific theme and the leading researcher of a number of innovative projects on grant financing. Yelemessov K.K. is the author of both "Operational and Service Engineering" program and the concept of students’ professional accreditation introduced into the work in cooperation with the industrial Association of RK mining and metallurgical enterprises. He is the creator and chairperson of Industrial Advisory Committee with AMME involvement. He is an expert in professional standards at ALE “Republican Association of Mining and Metallurgical Enterprises”.


Tuyebakhova Zoya Qaimovna

Director of School of Chemical and Biological Technologies

PhD, professor. Graduated with honors from the D.Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology of Russia. For a number of years she served as Vice-Rector for Academic and International Affairs at KBTU and was the first in Kazakhstan to achieve international accreditation of chemical engineering programs by IMAREST (Great Britain); owing to her work, International School of Economics was recognized as the associate center of University of London (Great Britain). She was the coordinator of the Kazakh Maritime Academy project (currently, the Department of KBTU). She has a vast experience of scientific and pedagogical work abroad. Professor of Yeditepe University (Istanbul). She developed the Chemical and Biochemical Engineering and Foundation School programs. Speaks four foreign languages. Recipient of the jubilee medal 20 Years of Independence of Kazakhstan and Honorary Certificate of the Akim of Almaty.


Rysbekov Kanay Bakhytovich

Director of Institute of Geology, Oil and Mining named after K. Turysov

He is a mining engineer-surveyor, candidate of technical sciences. Besides, he is an academician of RF Academy of mining sciences, academician of International Computerization Academy, academician of National mining Academy of Kazakhstan, member-correspondent of International Academy of ecology and life safety of the Russian Federation. In different years, K. Rysbekov worked as Director of Mining and metallurgical Institute, a member of the Expert Council of the Committee for control in the education sphere and science RK MES, was the owner of the State scientific grant for young talented scientists. He is the author of more than 100 scientific papers, 3 textbooks, 3 monographs, and 7 study guides; a member of the sections for expert and analytical evaluation of works submitted for State prize of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the field of science and technology named after al-Farabi. Freelance expert of professional standards at the "Republican Association of Mining and Metallurgical Enterprises".


Seylova Nurgul Abadullayevna

Director of the Institute of Cybernetics and Information Technology 

Candidate of Technical Sciences, Head of Cyber Security, Information Processing and Storage Department since 2014. She is a graduate of Satbayev University and a professor with 17 years of experience. She is a well-known scientist, head of the project "Manufacturing of industrial design of an unauthorized access protection device". She is the author 40 scientific publications in the journals recommended by the Supreme Attestation Commission and foreign editions (RSC, Scopus), has author's certificates and a patent. She is the developer of educational programs on information security, standard educational programs for the specialty "Information security systems". She has letters of thanks, Diploma of Honour for work and activity in the development of the university to the 20th anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan, was awarded of the medal "Айрықша еңбегі үшін".


Omarbekov Beknur Orazgaliuly

Director of the Institute of Industrial Automation and Digitalization named after A. Burkitbaev

Engineer, Dr. PhD. Graduate of Satbayev University. He graduated from the doctoral studies at the University of Lacuila (Italy) in the Erasmus Mundus Target program with a degree in “Industrial and Information Engineering and Economics” specialty. He completed an internship at MIT, and also at the University of Munich. He led the “Industry 4.0” Competence Center of the “Kazakhstan Industry Development Institute”, where he took part in the implementation of the state program “Digital Kazakhstan” and was engaged in the digitization of the economy. He participated in the projects of the American companies, such as “Granite Services Int Inc.” and “General Electric (GE)”, including the Karachaganak field. He has a diploma in qualification from the National Instruments Academy. He was awarded the title of “Best Foreign Doctoral Student” by the Presidential Administration of the Republic of Kazakhstan.


Kuspangaliev Bolat Uraykhanovich

Director of the School of Architecture and Construction

Doctor of Architecture, professor, Member of International Academy of Architecture of Oriental Countries, Member of International Academy of Architecture, Honorary Architect of Kazakhstan, winner of the Altyn Adam National Prize, Chairman of the Kazakh Department of the International Academy of Architecture, Member of The Union of Architects of Kazakhstan. In past, the First Vice-Rector of Almaty School of Architecture and Civil Engineering. Over the 23 years of working as a Vice-Rector he became one of the recognized organizers of the higher school of Kazakhstan; for this achievements he was awarded with many certificates, medals and complimentary awards by the Ministry of Education and Science of Kazakhstan. Under his leadership and with his direct participation over 30 objects and complexes were designed and constructed, which include multifunctional residential complex Highvill Astana and Almaty Kala (Apple Town)residential complex, which won the golden medal of the Union of Architects of Kazakhstan. For his scientific, production and organizational activities, Bolat Kuspangaliev won numerous government, departmental and public award, which include Kazakhstan Respublicasynyn Tauelsyzdygyne 10 zhyl; Altyn Adam National Prize – Person of the Year in the nomination for Merit in the Development of Architecture and Higher School of Kazakhstan, jubilee medal 20 Years of Independence Of Kazakhstan, medal For Merit in Science Development in Kazakhstan. He is the manager of the project of the Development of Energy-Efficient Technologies on the basis of Sources of Alternative Energy.


Subalova Madina Aivarovna

Director of the Project Management Institute named after Е. Turkebayev

Graduated KIMEP university, as well as holds Masters and PhD in Business Administration from University of East Anglia (Great Britain). Her administrative experience includes managing the scientific-educational department “Management and Marketing” at Narxoz University, as well as participated in ERASMUS ALLVET project. She has more than six years of teaching experience and is also actively engaged in research activities.


Rysbayev Vassily Nessipkaziyevich

Head of the Military Institute

He is a major-general reservist, a high command representative of the Republic of Kazakhstan, formerly a commander of "East" regional command troops. During the service, he occupied various leadership positions in the Armed Forces of USSR and Republic of Kazakhstan, including Chief of Staff - First Deputy Commander of Air Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan Armed Forces and Deputy Commander-in-Chief for Armaments - Head of LF Main Arms Directorate of RK Armed Forces. Master in “Pedagogical education” specialty. Chevalier of is m3rd degree «Serving Motherland in USSR Armed Forces» and 1st -2nd degree «Dank» medal, as well as of other awards of the Republic of Kazakhstan and foreign countries.


Sarenova Aigul Saparbekovna

Director of School of Base Education named after A. Mashani

Aigul Saparbekovna Sarenova graduated from the Baitursynov State University with a major in foreign languages, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, author of more than 15 scientific articles and methodological developments, holds international certificates by CELTA, CAM, Cambridge and HUFS. She worked in many Universities of the State; she has been teaching for nineteen years and progressed from the English Language Assistant to the Head of the Department.


Simonov Andrey Gennadyevich

Director of the Institute of Distance Education

Simonov Andrey Gennadyevich is an expert in distance education, IT development, energy efficient construction and design. He became one of the youngest heads of IT department, during his work in RSE "Statistics Agency" he supervised the construction of a centralized republican local network and training of IT-specialists of regional centers. During his work as Executive Director in EST Group he implemented several projects on LEED/ BREEAM certification and mathematical energy modeling at the facilities "Zeleniy Qvartal", "Izumrudniy Qvartal", the UAE Embassy and Consulate in Astana. During his work in "STC KBTU" he managed the construction, design, administrative and marketing departments, managed communication with customers. He managed the development of the project "Multifunctional Complex PE&IT KBTU", within the framework of which the "Drilling Center KBTU", "Photoelectric Station" and "Training Workshop of Kazakhstan Marine Academy" were built. The Training Workshop became the world's first autonomous building with a working machine room with an installed marine engine in the steppe and the first industrial building in Kazakhstan with proven energy efficiency characteristics. At Satbayev University Andrey Gennadyevich manages the development and operation of PolytechOnline, one of the best distance learning platforms in the country, improving the efficiency of the university with the use of intelligent data analysis tools within the Data Center, organizes mentoring for students in the areas of Data Engineering, Data Analytics.

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