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doctoral students are undertaking research courses in different educational programs
at Satbayev University

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state educational grants
are available to students

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years of intensive
research experience

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Defend your Doctoral Researchers’ scientific Thesis to engage in science, teaching, creating new technologies for the knowledge-intensive high-tech industry.

Perhaps, it is your research that will play an important role in tackling scientific challenges, the modern world is facing today.

Available educational programs to apply for:

Satbayev University Doctoral PhD Training Program Admissions

Entrance exams

July 3 — August 20
October 25 — December 11
From July 3 to August 3
From October 25 to November 10

At app.testcenter.kz website.kz, apply for participation in the testing and submit the original documents to Admissions Committee.
Until August 2
Until November 9

Take the obligatory Kazakh language test and receive a KazTest certificate. Registration for the test.
Get an international IELTS or TOEFL certificate (or other certificates).
From August 4 to August 20
From November 19 to December 11

The entrance exam consists of:
- university interviews;
- writing an essay;
- a test of readiness for Doctorate;
- examination according to the profile of educational program group.
The passing score is 75 points.
Recommended literature
The contest for awarding RK MES educational grant Working out of state educational grants


to August 28
to January 10
поступление в Satbayev University

Virtual Admissions Committee anywhere in the world and right now!

Go to

Submit original and copies of documents to the university.

Upon admitting to the paid department, pay the tuition fees.
Cost of study

Contact of the admissions office

July 3 — August 28
October 25 — January 10
Контакты приемной комиссии Бакалавриат

The Republic of Kazakhstan,
Almaty, 22a Satbayev Street,
The Main Educational Building (GUK).
Entrance from the Baytursynov street.


Admission committee works:
Mon - Fri: from 9:00 to 18:00
Sat: from 9:00 to 14:00
Sun - weekend

Highly-Qualified and Distinguished Academic Staff

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The University Doctoral PhD research skills and relevant knowledge are provided by Doctors, and Candidates of Sciences, leading specialists in their areas. The programs are developed in compliance with the requirements of the priority industries. You will get the high quality advancing knowledge about modern technologies and innovations, about the research results and achievements in different areas.

Our Contribution into Future

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If you strive for training at Doctoral Studies PhD at Satbayev University, and you have practice and internship at leading foreign universities and world research centers, you are a mostly desired applicant here. Within the "Distinguished Visiting Professor" program, world-renowned scientists, laureates of the Nobel Prize from the USA, Russia, Germany, Great Britain, Spain, Portugal, Australia, Italy, France, Poland and Canada give lectures to doctoral students PhD, foster research work with scientists of our university every year.

Choose scientific consultant on the direction of your research study

International Cooperation Undertaken in the Framework of Double-Diploma Programs

������� ��������������� �����������

"Mining" and "Geodesy" - in collaboration with the Tomsk Polytechnic University

��������� �����������

“Robotics " - in collaboration with the Tokai University

��������� ��������������� �����������

“Chemical engineering" - in collaboration with the Texas Technological University

Satbayev University assumes the Best Strategies for Scientific Work and International Community Recognition!

������ Satbayev University

Grants, scholarships and discounts

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Government grants

������ �������� �������

Annual Satbayev University grants


Supporting Training and Research

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Foreign Internship

������ ������� �����

Laboratory researches

������ ��������������� ���������

Double-Diploma Programs

The most demanded scientific researches of the future:

������� ������������
The best world experience and strong traditions since 1934
������� ������������
An intensive program for 3 years
������� ������������
Prestigious international PhD diploma
������� ������������
Active research work during the whole course of studies
������� ������������
Recognized in UIS, Europe and Asia, is currently undergoing international accreditation in the USA

Competitive advantages of our studies:

������������ ��������
Highly qualified academic staff
������������ ��������
Huge powerful research infrastructure
������������ ��������
Studying in English
������������ ��������
International Exchange Programs and Internships
������������ ��������
The opportunity to study at 97 leading foreign universities around the world
������������ ��������
High competitiveness due to the "double-diploma" programs
������������ ��������
Flexible form of training that suits your needs and expectations
������������ ��������
In the framework of cooperation with foreign universities there are two research consultants
������������ ��������
New career opportunities in the scientific and pedagogical areas for its alumni

PhD degree will add new status to your professional activity

PhD degree adds a great advantage to the "knowledge economy" for people who would like to work in the area of developing new technologies or R & D departments of large companies. Our University is committed to ensuring that our alumni will benefit from our research course, which will help them to identify themselves as outstanding professionals in the global economy for tomorrow!

Doctoral Division of the Department of Science


The Republic of Kazakhstan,
Almaty, 22 a Satbayev Str
Oil building (NK).
Entrance from Massanchi street

���� ������

Admission committee works:
Mon - Fri: from 09:00 to 18:00
Sat, Sun - weekend

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