Metallurgical Engineering

2 128 000 KZT / 1 year
Educational Program Group
D 117
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Innovative educational program trains personnel focused on scientific, experimental research, teaching activities at production of metals from high-purity ores and metal-containing products with high value-added, as well as personnel capable of managing and implementing metallurgical projects, utilizing industrial waste and obtaining innovative products. Graduates are awarded PhD. degree.

Doctoral students study innovative technologies for producing new types of products from non-ferrous metallurgy’s waste materials, new technologies for making super pure metals and materials, complexing in metallurgical systems and processes. In addition, improving efficiency of extraction redistribution of non-ferrous metals production, as well as improving and optimizing metallurgical production and technological processes mineral, natural and techno genic raw materials, issues related to evaluation of innovation and technology environmental risks in introducing new technologies. Much attention is paid to intellectual entrepreneurship, development of applied projects for the real economy and the launched projects’ commercialization.

Doctoral students are actively involved in research projects under foreign consultants’ guidance. Plans for doctoral studies include mandatory internship at leading foreign universities. Two scientific advisors, a national and a foreign one, supervise dissertation work and its defense.

Doctoral students undergo pedagogical and research practice at “Kazatomprom”, “Kazakhmys”, “Kazzinc”, “Ust-Kamenogorsk Titanium and Magnesium Combine”, “KAZ Minerals Aktogay”, ERG Research and Development Center. At the same time they undergo training at Moscow Institute of Steel and alloys; Tomsk Polytechnic University, Colorado School of Mines (USA), Worcester Polytechnic Institute (USA), Geotechnical Institute (Slovakia), University of Saskatchewan (Canada), Aachen University of Rhine-Westphalia (Germany), Royal Institute of Technology (Sweden), Suleyman Demirel University (Turkey).

Graduates work in mining and metallurgical complex - at metallurgical enterprises, in design organizations, metallurgical research centers; in the chemical industry.

Graduates work at engineering and management positions in mining and metallurgical sector, as teachers, research assistants at research and development centers, universities, national and private companies and other organizations conducting research, design and educational activities in various economy sectors, open their own production and companies.