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At the Institute of Military Affairs (military department) military training of students is carried out under the programmes of the reserve officers. Students receive a second (military) profession associated with the basic, and after the graduation from Satbayev University get the opportunity to make a career in the power structures of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Admission to the department is carried out on a competitive basis. In addition to medical examination, students undergo professional and psychological selection, they pass standards on physical training. The final decision is made by the competitive commission on the basis of GPA's average score for the last period of study at Satbayev University.

The Military Department was opened in 1940, when the threat of the outbreak of war in the world became a severe reality, therefore, the training of military specialists in civil educational institutions became especially relevant at that time.

The first head of the department of military affairs was Major A.S. Dubil, who died on the battlefield in the Great Patriotic War. During the Great Patriotic War Colonel N.I. Ossinsky was assigned as a head of military department who was an active participant of the Civil and Great Patriotic Wars, a graduate of the first Kremlin school of cadets.

In the postwar years (since 1952), the Department of Military Affairs was transformed into a military department of the Institute. The military commander was a big military commander, who had passed all the "fires and waters" of the Great Patriotic War, a member of the Military Council of the Leningrad Military District, awarded with many military medals, an expert in military affairs, General -Major of Artillery N.S. Kasatkin. At the institute he was respected and had an authority by becoming an idol of students. The military department of KazGMI under his leadership became one of the best in the city. The department began training reserve officers for artillery units/divisions. Since 1961, in the department, additional reserve officers had been trained for anti-tank units, since 1971 - officers for air defense forces, and since 1978 - engineers for ground artillery. After Kazakhstan gained independence, the military department of the Kazakh National Technical University became the only educational institution preparing officer staff for the artillery units, air defence forces and RAV military service specialists of the army of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

At the military department of Satbayev University, much attention is paid to the quality of training future officers, the educational and material base is being improved, electronic computers are widely being introduced/implemented, and advanced methods of teaching are being used.

In general, over the course of the existence of the military department, more than 30,000 reserve officers have been trained. The professional level of graduates is not inferior to the level of training officers of Kazakhstan military institutions.

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Rysbayev Vassily Nessipkaziyevich


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Kuanyshev Kairat Zhylkybaevich

Head of student accounting and certification department

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