Quality assurance guarantees


Relying on the best traditions of its almost 90-year history and active work on creating the innovations, Satbayev University provides high-quality education and research that benefit society, both in Kazakhstan and the world.

Satbayev University as the flagship of technical education in Kazakhstan is the first university to be awarded "National Research Technical University" status, a scientific and educational holding, which has scientific and academic institutes and specialized laboratories in its structure.

When benchmarking the quality assurance system, we are guided by "Standards and Recommendations for Quality Assurance in European Higher Education Area (ESG)" and follow the best practices and current trends in higher education.

University is on the verge of major changes and is confidently transforming into a leading research and educational center of the backbone sectors of the country's economy.

Increasing Satbayev University’s prestige and ensuring the training of engineering personnel of a new format is laid down in the strategic objectives of University's growth:

  • Training of new generation leaders – 10% of PhD students from the total number of students.
  • Fame and recognition of University at the international level, due to publications in Q1 and Q2 best journals – 300 scientific publications.
  • Quality education through research – at least 10% of graduates receive 1,000,000 tenge of salary.
  • Innovation, transfer and commercialization of new technologies (research into production) – the amount of contract research is not less than 2.0 billion tenge per year.
  • Effective management – to increase the level of satisfaction with quality, infrastructure, research, and digitalization level by at least 90%.

These initiatives will allow Satbayev University to provide conditions for creating the new generation of scientists and the training of highly qualified personnel for industry, business and the state, thereby spreading and strengthening the momentum of economic growth of the country set by University.

Certificates and accreditation

Accreditation is an important indicator of education and scientific research that provides consumers with official confirmation that the quality of products and services provided meets certain requirements.

We strive to achieve high academic standards and give priority to accreditation of programs conducted also due to international reputable organizations.

Satbayev University has a license and accreditation certificates:

  • Perpetual state license # KZ56LAA00005304
  • ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System Certificate
  • IQAA (Kazakhstan) is the first university to pass the institutional accreditation of the university for 7 years, until 2027
  • ASIIN (Germany) — 15 educational programs
  • IQAA (Kazakhstan) — 30 educational programs
  • IAAR — 59 educational programs
  • KAZSEE – 13 educational programs

IQAA ranking

University is a participant of prestigious accreditation programs in engineering and technology sphere

University participated in Institutional Assessment Program (IEP) of European Association of Universities (EUA) to obtain an independent external assessment and support the university for developing the strategic management and internal quality culture. Satbayev University has passed initial and subsequent assessment and continues to strive for further improvement. The reports are available at IEP EUA website.

International accreditation is the recognition by an authoritative international organization of compliance of a higher education institution, its set of programs or a separate educational program with certain international standards of education quality.


ASIINAgency for Accreditation of Educational Programs in Engineering, Computer Science, Natural Sciences and Mathematics (ASIIN eV) is a non-profit association founded in July 1999. Since its foundation, ASIIN has been providing the expert support to German and foreign universities in implementing the program and institutional accreditation procedures. At the national and international levels, ASIIN is recognized as a leader in accreditation processes of educational programs in engineering, natural sciences, mathematics, computer science, as well as in medicine and economics.



IAQAE (IQUA) is a non-governmental institution "Independent Agency for Quality Assurance in Education (RAQUO)" established in 2008 and is the first Kazakh non-profit non-governmental organization in the field of quality assessment of educational organizations and educational programs.

IAQAE directs its activities to meet all stakeholders’ needs – both students, their parents, academic staff, and educational organizations, government agencies, society and employers in general.



Independent Accreditation and Rating Agency (IAAR) is the leading international accreditation agency for quality assurance of education (founded in 2011)

IAAR is included in European Quality Assurance Register EQAR and is a full member of European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education ENQA.


Satbayev University has ISO 9001:2015 certification

University has always been proud of its approach to organizing the work and high-quality management standards, which are confirmed by an audit owing to reputable organizations.

Satbayev University is committed to overall quality management: customer orientation, continuous improvement, concerted efforts to understand and document critical processes, as well as management's commitment to ISO 9001 quality assurance aspects. This helps corporate management to continuously improve its activities results and provide the foundations for University’s sustainable advancement.

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