Institute of Cybernetics and Information Technology

The Institute prepares IT specialists for the information and communication sector of the economy in such specialties as information security, automated control systems, data processing, software and hardware, and so on.

Institute of I&TT is a large scientific and educational center, one of the leading institutes of Satbayev University. Information and telecommunication technologies are among the priority areas for the development of science, technology and technology and are supported by government programs. Specialties of the Institute are most in demand in the current economic situation. Graduates work as key specialists in production companies, occupying leading positions in the technical management of the company, or they manage their own company.

The beginning of the institute can be considered 1962, when the Faculty of Automation and Computer Engineering was opened on the basis of the departments "Automation and Telemechanics" and "Computer Engineering". In 2011, during the restructuring of the university, the department included the departments "Information Technologies", "Computer Science, Software of Systems and Networks", "Automation and Control", "Radio Engineering, Electronics and Telecommunications", "Mathematics and Electrical Engineering".

Today there are 6 departments in the Institute: "Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Telecommunications", "Computer and Software Engineering", "Information Security", "Information Technologies", "Automation and Management", "Mathematics". The Institute develops programs that combine fundamental knowledge with modern skills and knowledge of modern information and communication technologies. Most of the institute 's teachers have academic degrees.

In accordance with the current state of the specialties taught at the institute, new programs are constantly being developed here. The Institute develops partnerships with national and transnational companies and leading world universities, using the resources of companies to organize information support and the experience of leading universities in the development of training programs. At the Institute, multilingual programs are being developed, to improve the level of which teachers are trained in Cambridge (UK).

There is a joint development of teaching aids. So in 2017 the international team developed a textbook on circuitry. To improve the level of teaching aids, the Institute 's teachers attend technical colleges in Portugal and France. The classes use traditional and modern teaching technologies.

The Institute cooperates with such companies as Schneider Electric (France), Siemens (Germany), Honeywell (USA), Yokogawa Electric (Japan), Mercedes Benz Werk Dusseldos (Germany), CISCO Networking Academy, Apple, Hewlett-Packard, IBM. Agreements were signed with the company Fakongaze, which provided training materials and the Falcongaze Secure Tower program, and Sorch Inform, which handed over the "Information Security Contour Circle Inform" software package (one of the most popular DLP-systems) to the institute and educationally -Methodical materials necessary for its development.

The Institute conducts a large number of activities to improve the qualifications of teachers, takes part in seminars held by companies in the field of IT technology and information security: Fujitsu, Oracle, Cisco, Aknur Security, Lab Kasperscky, Microsoft, etc. Cooperates with the Committee of National Security of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Conducts refresher courses.

The institute has an exchange program for students, foreign teachers are invited. The partners of the Institute are the Lublin Technical University (Poland), the University of Bielsko-Biala (Poland), the University of L'Aquila (Italy), New York University, Windsor University (Canada) and others. Internships are held at Auto & Aero Technologies Sp z oo (Lublin, Poland), Mercedes Benz Werk Dusseldos (Germany, Dusseldorf), Warmia-Mazury University. (Olsztyn, Poland).

Annually in the walls of the Institute there are job fairs, where graduates meet directly with employers. Communication with them is carried out through personal contacts with the staff of the departments of the Institute. Under the new curricula, consultations are held with company managers, in which production and pre-graduation practice is organized. The most talented graduates are invited to these companies to work.

The Institute actively cooperates with the leading integrator of information security systems by PACIFICA, which is the base of the production practice and the place of employment. Graduates of the Institute also work in Halyk Bank, CNS RK. Graduates of the Institute participate in the Internship Program in the group of companies of the Fund "Samruk-Kazyna". Active contacts are established with the company "Saiman", "Beeline", "Kazakhtelecom", "Umit", "Institute of Space Technology and Technology", "Dial-Soluchen" and other enterprises.

The institute has a rich student life, an English club operates, general university seminars, international scientific conferences, and activities of the international student organization Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE). Students' forces organized a community of students-programmers "ACM SC", which conducts trainings. Students are active participants in many citywide and university events. Particular attention is paid to the issues of social support for students.


Seilova Nurgul Abadullaevna


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Abdoldina Farida

Deputy Director

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Ogan Atkeldi

Deputy Director

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Ashimov Abdykappar Ashimovich

Deputy Director

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