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Лаборатория Satbayev University

Satbayev University is the largest technical higher educational institution in Kazakhstan, a scientific-educational complex with a well-developed infrastructure for scientific and innovative research and training of highly qualified personnel. Currently, work is underway to transform the university into the largest research hub in the Central Asian region.

The research activity at Satbayev University is aimed at the development of fundamental and applied scientific research in the field of high-tech technologies and is focused on 10 scientific areas that are priority for developing the Republic of Kazakhstan economy. University actively attracts private investment and applies the tools of public-private partnership, creating an effective technological corridor "from scientific discovery to commercial results".

To create a breeding ground for generating innovations, the university monitors and analyzes domestic and global trends in science development in the relevant scientific and educational areas of the university and creates motivating conditions to involve the university staff and students in research work. University attracts funding for research in the relevant areas of the university's work, assists in organizing international research together with leading universities and scientific centers of the world and helps to publish the results obtained in foreign publications indexed in Web of Science and Scopus databases.

The establishment of the university as an advanced higher educational institution in scientific research field is closely connected with active work with the real economy sector and state organizations. The university’s scientific and innovative activity is focused both on fulfilling the orders of state organizations through grant and program-targeted financing, and on close interaction with production. University laboratories and researchers solve actual problems related to production within the framework of contractual topics, scientific research that contribute to the growth of production, its progress and economic sustainability.


Science Department’s work at Satbayev University

In addition to conducting research works for enterprises, the university conducts extensive work that provides an atmosphere favorable for developing the research activities, increasing the number of funded research projects, solving urgent problems of production and creating high technologies. This work is coordinated by Science Department that consists of five departments:

Department of Grant and Program-targeted projects
Coordination of research works within the framework of scientific and technical programs and grants
8 (727) 320 4258
Contract Research Department
Cooperation with industrial enterprises
8 (727) 320 4114
Department of Commercialization and Investment Attraction
Support of technological entrepreneurship and commercialization of projects
8 (727) 320 4022
Department for the development of intellectual property and publication activity
Coordination of the university staff’s publication activities
8 (727) 292 6346
Scientific Infrastructure Support Department
Coordination of the university's equipment park development
8 (727) 320 4308
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