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Лаборатория Satbayev University

Satbayev University is the largest technical university in Kazakhstan, a scientific and educational complex with a well-developed infrastructure of scientific and innovative research and training of highly qualified personnel. At the moment, work is underway to transform the university into the largest research hub of the Central Asian region.

Research activity at Satbayev University is aimed at the development of fundamental and applied scientific research in the field of science-intensive technologies and is concentrated on 5 scientific directions, priority for the development of the economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The university actively attracts private investments and uses public-private partnership tools, creating an effective technological corridor “from scientific discovery to commercial results”.

To create a breeding ground for the generation of innovations, the university monitors and analyzes domestic and world trends in the development of science in the profile research and educational areas of the university and creates motivating conditions for involving university staff and students in research work. The University attracts funding for research in the core areas of the university, assists in the organization of international research in cooperation with leading universities and scientific centers of the world and helps to publish the results obtained in foreign publications indexed in the Web of Science and Scopus.

At the moment, the university is implementing 261 funded projects and scientific and technical programs, including projects on the following topics:

  • Underground leaching of uranium by innovative biotechnological methods
  • Non-waste technology for utilization of non-ferrous metallurgy slags
  • Multi-purpose mill for rolling high quality sheets
  • Mobile home (transformable building structure)
  • Small derivational hydroelectric power station with hydrocyclone water supply unit
  • Charging station for electric cars
  • Vacuum insulated panels
  • Protection device against unauthorized access
  • Aluminum alloys with a nanostructured protective coating

Office of contract research

Satbayev University conducts active work with the real sector of the economy. The scientific and innovative activity of the University is guided by close interaction with production. The university solves the relevant problems of production in the context of contract research that contributes to the growth of production, its progress and economic sustainability. The main functions of developing the technological partnership of Satbayev University with industrial enterprises are carried out by the Office of contract research.

Office of Commercialization

In order to commercialize scientific research projects and further organize the production on their basis, the office accompanies the existing projects and advises the authors on all issues related to launching startups, provides patent information support, as well as advises scientists and students at the university on the protection of intellectual property.

Research infrastructure of the university

In addition to 8 scientific research institutes working in the University, Satbayev University has a rich research infrastructure. Most of the research work of the university is conducted on the basis of technopark Technopolis Polytech, which was awarded in 2013 the official National certificate and commemorative medal with gold covering “Leader of Kazakhstan”.

The research infrastructure of Satbayev University also includes 5 research laboratories that study a wide range of topical scientific problems in the fields from architecture to biotechnology of mining, they are:

  • Laboratory of Architecture
  • Engineering Profile Laboratory
  • Innovative geological and mineralogical laboratory
  • National Scientific Laboratory for the Collective Use of Information and Space Technologies
  • Research Laboratory of Biogeotechnology of gold, uranium and polymetallic ores

Developments in the field of IT-technologies

On the basis of the National Scientific Laboratory for the Collective Use of Information and Space Technologies, created on the initiative of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, a unique complex of computing clusters - Supercomputer with a peak performance of 10.9 TFLOPS - was launched. The laboratory specializes in developments in the field of cloud analytics and artificial intelligence, solving resource-intensive computing tasks, and has the largest render-farm in Kazakhstan.

Center for Electrical Engineering and Engineering Fab lab

The university possesses a unique material and technical base, with the help of which it can produce almost any product in a short time in a single copy on a customer order. The production is deployed on the basis of the scientific lab Fab lab, which has the largest center of 3D plastic printing (ABS) in Kazakhstan, a 5-axis milling machine with the latest software control and equipment that completely covers the entire production cycle of electronic cards.

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