Cookies Policy

Cookies are text files that are stored on a computer or mobile phone. The site that you open creates these files on your computer and requests information stored in them each time you visit it.

How does the site use cookies?

We use cookies to improve the performance of the site, more effectively navigate through the pages, remember the settings and facilitate interaction with our site.

This is how we use cookies when registering users and entering the system. Without them, our site does not work properly. We also collect information about the use of the site - for example, the number of visitors, web sites from which they came to the pages of our site. This information is used to compile reports and improve our site. For example, it helps us detect errors on the site or see that users can easily find the information they are looking for.

Cookies do not receive personal information from visitors. All information collected by these cookies is statistical and anonymous.

Some pages of our sites contain materials from services such as YouTube and Facebook. Please note that we cannot influence the cookies used by these services. For more information about them, visit the relevant site.

Manage cookies and delete them

You can block or delete cookies and limit their action in the settings of your browser. For instructions, use the help function in your browser. To learn how to manage cookies in the mobile browser, see the instructions for that device.

If visitors to this site do not prohibit the use of cookies and similar Internet technologies, they thereby consent to the use of these technologies in order to collect and process information.

More information about managing cookies and deleting them in different browsers can be found at

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