The Institute of Distance Education and Professional Development

Satbayev University provides the opportunity to study in a remote distance by using the Internet. This opportunity is provided by the Institute of Distance Education, which was established in 2004 as the Center for Distance Learning at the Institute of Information Technologies. In 2009 the Center was transformed into the Institute of Distance Education. In 2015, the university became an honorary member of the European Association GUIDE ( Global Universities In Distance Education , Rome , Italy ) and brought distance learning to a new level.

The management system of the educational process is built on the basis of its own educational portal of Satbayev University. The educational process is realized on the basis of interaction between a remote teacher and a student. The Institute conducts online classes in the format of webinars. All students have their own virtual "personal offices", at any time lectures and other teaching methodical manuals of teachers are available. In the study process, students can form a personal trajectory of training, do and send out study assignments, get academic and individual curriculum, any background information, schedules of classes and exams. 

The institute adopted a student-oriented model of the organization of the educational process. It provides access to most of the university's full-time programs - bachelor's, master's, doctoral, and continuing/advanced education/training programs.


Programs of the Institute of Distance Education

Distance Learning at Satbayev University is designed for students who do not have the opportunity to study full time, as well as for working professionals who have already achieved success in their careers and want to enrich their knowledge.

The program provides students with the flexibility in time and space through the use of the latest technology developed for computer training. You can get an education at Satbayev University, being anywhere in the world. All you need for this is the Internet and a computer.

If you have a bachelor's degree, Satbayev University offers second higher education programs. The distance learning program fully complies with the standard program and focuses on the individual needs of each student.

Institute of Distance Education

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