Institute of Digital Technology and Professional Development

Online learning is a current trend in education, consistently implemented by universities such as Stanford, Berkley, and MIT. Satbayev University keeps up with global trends and switches to distance learning. 

This opportunity is provided by the Institute of Distance Education and Professional Development, which was established in 2004 as a Distance Learning Center under the Institute of Information Technology. In 2009 the Center was transformed into the Institute of Distance Education. In 2022, the Institute expanded its activities and was renamed the Institute of Digital Technology and Professional Development (IDT&PD).

The system of management of the educational process is based on its own educational portal Satbayev University  The educational process is implemented based on the interaction of a remote teacher and a student. All students have their own virtual "private rooms". They have access to lectures and other teaching aids of the teacher at any time. In the process of learning, students can establish their personal learning path, complete and send assignments for evaluation, receive individual curricula, any reference information, the schedule of classes and exams. 

Programs of the Institute of Digital Technology and Professional Development

Distance learning at Satbayev University is designed for students who are unable to study full-time, as well as for working professionals who have already achieved success in their careers and want to enrich their knowledge.

Our programs

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  Bachelor/Second higher
Master's Degree Doctoral Studies
Educational programs 16 46 37
Study duration 2-3 years
  • specialized Magistracy – from 1 year to 1.5 years
  • scientific and pedagogical – 2 years
  • 3 years:
  • 1 theoretical semester
  • 5 semesters of active research work
Specific terms
  • Simplified admission for a related specialty based on a college.
  • Trimester training system.*
  • *The year is divided into three parts. Students come for exams 3 times a year for two weeks. The given system is significantly time-saving and reduces training duration.
  • Training is held due to Blended Learning system. On an individual basis, in-service training.
  • International exchange programs and internships, free of charge for the client company.
  • Training is held due to Blended Learning system. On an individual basis, in-service training.
  • There are two research supervisors in the framework of cooperation with foreign universities.
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Distance learning programs of IDT&PD encourage students to develop their skills and help them to become strong leaders, effective managers and competent engineering and technical specialists.

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