Institute of Metallurgy and Industrial Engineering

The Institute trains specialists in the field of mining, metallurgy, geodesy, mineral processing, technological machines and equipment. Training in technical specialties for mining and metallurgical branch is conducted on the basis of foreign approach, the best world practices and scientific achievements of the last time.

The Institute was founded in 1934 as the Kazakh mining and metallurgical institute. During the XX century mining and metallurgical faculties of higher educational institution provided mining and metallurgical branch of Kazakhstan with the best specialists.

The Institute is named after  the academician O. Baykonurov (the graduate of KAZMMI, 1940) which within ten years worked as the rector here. Among graduates of the Institute there are a famous writer Ilyas Esenberlin, the conqueror of Everest Kazbek Valiyev, the deputy minister of the coal industry of the USSR A. Yasko, the winner of the State award B. Shayakhmetov, ministers, academicians, heads of productions, the famous sportsmen.

In 2000 mining and metallurgical faculties were united in Mining and metallurgical institute. Since that time, the Institute actively joined in training of specialists within the State program of industrial innovative development (SPIID-2). Educational programs with participation of foreign higher education partner-institutions are developed, the educational and scientific laboratory "Operation of Technological Machines and Automation of Industrial Complexes" is organized. Its accreditation and certification is planned, the laboratory equipment purchased. Since 2016 the Institute is headed by the Doctor of Engineering, professor, the academician of NAS of the Republic of Kazakhstan ZINESH Sadyrovna Abisheva.

From June 1, 2020, RK Mining Sciences Academy’s correspondent member, associate professor, candidate of technical sciences Yelemessov Kassym Koptleuovich has headed the Institute.

Now as a part of the Institute there are five graduate departments: "Technological machines and equipment"; "Metallurgy and mineral processing"; "Metallurgical processes, thermotechnics and technology of special materials". At the Institute experienced teachers work, Advisory council from productions is open which deals with practice issues on production and employments of graduates of the Institute.

Education in MMI completely conforms to the international requirements. In 2015 specialties are accredited by the ASIIN agency (Germany). On the basis of the Institute there are 27 department laboratories, the research and production center and "The training ground of a mountain profile". All of them are equipped with the modern devices, inventory, operating models of technique and technology used in educational process. During conducting practical lessons, implementation of sections of graduation project the CAD elements, such as "AutoCAD", "SURPAK", "CREDO", "MAPINFO", "ArcGIS", etc. are used.

The Institute has rich relationships with production that allows not only to train students in the skills necessary at future workplace, but also to realize the scientific projects solving current problems of production. The main strategic partners of the institute are the Kazakhmys corporation, "Sokolov Sarbai Mining Production Association", NAC «Kazatomprom», the companies "Munaygaz", "Kazferrostal", "Kaztsink", "Uzenmunaygaz", "Mangistaumunaygaz", "Karachaganak Petrolium Ltd", "Kazakhvzryvprom", Kazakhstan GIS Center at MES of the  Republic of Kazakhstan.

The Institute has stable relations with the Colorado School of Mines (USA), the Highest technical university of applied sciences (Germany), the Technical university of Mountain Academy of Freiberg (Germany), Scientific institute of Weizman (Israel), the Dublin University (Ireland), the Moscow state Mining University. Within cooperation the international internships are held, community scientific and technical projects of domestic and foreign scientists are carried out that helps to create new scientific trends which conform to market demands of  mining and metallurgical complex of the republic.


Kenesbay Aitenov

Deputy Director



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Tilepbay Kuandykov

Deputy Director



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Sagatova Laila Bakytzhankyzy


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Elemesov Kasym Koptleuovich


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