Applied and Engineering Physics

1 500 000 KZT / 1 year
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1 700 000 KZT / 1 year
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  • How to fill in the application to participate in state grant contest?

    1. Before applying, select your favorite educational program at Satbayev University, corresponding to the relevant subjects in which you passed UNT.

    2. Write down for yourself the code (column “Groups of educational programs” in the table) of the group of educational programs that includes the program you have chosen.

    3. Indicate the group code and code of Satbayev University (Kazakh National Research Technical University named after K.I. Satpayev) in the application for a grant: 029.

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Group of EP


M090 Physics


Molecular physics

The purpose of studying this program is obtaining knowledge about the structure and properties of solid-state functional materials, manufacturing technologies and research methods; sufficient skills to understand related various applications.

Studying of the disciplines helps to gain the following abilities:

  • analysis of the state of scientific and technical problems, the formulation of technical specifications, definition of the research goals and objectives based on analyzing of literature and patent sources;
  • select the optimal method and research program, modification of existing and development of new methods based on the objectives of a specific study;
  • theoretical and experimental studies, design new technologies and devices with advanced materials, components, processes and methods;
  • physical-mathematical and physical-chemical modeling of the developing materials, components and processes in order to optimize their parameters;
  • the use of standard and the development of new software products aimed at solving scientific, engineering and technological problems within the framework of professional activities.

Masters could get a job:

  • in research institutes, higher educational institutions, in heavy and light industry, mining, metallurgy, aviation and space industries, construction and engineering sectors of the economy;
  • experts industry and state research organizations involved in the design, development and creation of low-dimensional materials and technologies for the needs of energy, chemical industry, metallurgy, technology and medicine.