T. Basenov Institute of Architecture and Construction

The Institute trains architectural and construction elite of Kazakhstan. Students get relevant knowledge in the field of architecture, design of city planning, construction, production of construction materials, products and designs, engineering systems and networks.

The history of establishment of the institute belongs to 1957 when at the initiative of the large organizer of construction business of the republic, one of founders of domestic institute of architecture Toleu Basenov, as a result of his direct efforts within faculty of mining of the Kazakh mining and metallurgical institute (KazMMI) the specialty "Industrial and Civil Engineering" has been opened and the first intake has been carried out, and in 1961 the construction engineering faculty has been already created with architectural department.

The first output of construction engineers took place in June, 1962, many of graduates became later prominent scientists, heads of large scientific and design institutes, construction departments of federal and republican significance, ministers, heads of city and regional governor’s office. Among graduates of construction and architectural faculties of KAZPTI:

  • Beysenov K. – deputy of Mazhilis of Parliament, Doctor of Engineering, professor;
  • Kusherbayev K.A. – mayor of Mangystau Region;
  • Adilov Zh.M. - the rector of KAZNTU after K.I. Satpayev (2008-2015), the Doctor of Economics, professor;
  • Tatygulov A.Sh. -  the president of design academy "KAZGOR";
  • Ashimbayev M.U. – director-general of KAZNIISSA;
  • Montakhayev K.Zh. – Winner of the State award of the USSR, national architect of the USSR;
  • Baymagambetov S.K. – chief architect of Almaty, Honored architect of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • Fazylov S.A. – the chief architect of Almaty, Honored architect of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Winner of the International award of Zhambyl.

The Institute "restarted" in 2004, at the moment it has "Architecture", "Сonstruction and  materials of construction", "Engineering systems and nets" departments and also scientific-research laboratory of architecture and construction. Here 109 teachers work, there are 14 doctors of science, professors, members of architectural academies among them.

In September, 2016, Bolat Kuspangaliyev, the doctor of architecture, professor, the academician of MAAM, the Honourable architect was appointed the director of the Institute. Under his leadership and with direct participation a multipurpose housing estate "Highvill Astana" and a housing estate of "Apple Town", noted by a gold medal of the Union of architects of the Republic of Kazakhstan were constructed.

Students receive the universal knowledge demanded in the market and skill to create and represent an original plan of the building, to support it with calculation of constructions, with the project of the organization of production and economic calculations. They have access to the latest information technologies: to multimedia, the software on the platform of IBM, to calculated and graphic programs. The department has three specialized auditories of drawing, painting and sculpture equipped with easels, still-life tables, podiums and soffits.

The Institute is focused on searching of new approaches in construction and it is one of leaders of BIM technologies in Kazakhstan. Students participate in the international competitions, taking prizes.

The faculty of architecture of the Institute is successfully integrated into the system of the European educational space. Programs of academic mobility work, foreign teachers are invited into the Institute. The Institute keeps in close connection with the Bialystok University (Poland) where students undertake internship and training. Whereby they are helped by two scientific supervisors in scientific work and study. Now together with the Bialystok technical university there is a preparation for creation of mirror laboratories (mirror-labs) in the main directions of the Institute.



Kuspangaliev Bolat Uraikhanovich


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Zhumadilova Zhanar

Deputy director

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