Transport facilities
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Learning directions according to specialties classificator of higher and postgraduate education of the RK Group of educational programs UNT subjects
5B074500 Transport construction B176 Transport facilities Math - Physics
830 000 KZT / 1 year
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Training of specialists in the field of construction industry: design, installation, reconstruction and operation of transport structures. The training ends with the award of "Bachelor of Engineering and Technology" degree.

Students gain knowledge in the field of technology for construction of transport structures, the conduct of road construction works, the operation of transport structures and technical equipment, the calculation and design of building structures as well as production of road construction materials.

Students learn to make calculations and design elements of transport structures, highways, airfields, bridges and tunnels, draw up technical solutions, participate in elaborating the technical tasks for construction and reconstruction of transport structures taking into account the requirements of ecology and life safety.

Students get the skill of organizing the production of road-building materials, managing teams engaged in construction and installation work, operating and repairing road-building machines, organizing the work of transport construction enterprises and conducting engineering-geological, engineering-geodetic surveys in the design of transport facilities, highways, airfields, bridges and tunnels.

The program provides for training and production practices that allows a student to receive the applied skills necessary for successful work in the future from the 1st year.

Specialists in the field of transport construction are in high demand due to the increased pace of construction. Upon the completion, graduates work in leading organizations in the field of design, production and operation of construction industry facilities.