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Free Complex Testing courses
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Programs with in-depth specialization, the second level of higher professional education. Designed for experienced practitioners and young professionals seeking to develop their careers.

As part of the Master's degree, Satbayev University offers general programs focused on research activities, and integrated interdisciplinary profile programs for engineers and managers-practitioners.

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When you choose how to live

How to apply for Satbayev University Master's programs

Comprehensive testing

July 20 - August 10
At app.testcenter.kz website.kz apply for participation in testing.
Comprehensive testing includes:
- English language test;
- The test to determine readiness for Master’s;
- The test based on the profile of educational program group.
Application and documents submission for the grant contest directly at the university.


until August 28
поступление в Satbayev University

Virtual Admissions Committee anywhere in the world and right now!

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Submit original and copies of documents to the university.

Upon admitting to the paid department, pay the tuition fees.
Cost of study

Contact of the admissions office

June 20 - August 28
Контакты приемной комиссии Бакалавриат

The Republic of Kazakhstan,
Almaty, 22a Satbayev Street,
The Main Educational Building (GUK).
Entrance from the Baytursynov street.


Admission committee works:
Mon - Fri: from 09:00 to 18:00
Sat, Sun - weekend

Choose your

Personal training program

When every step is a success
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An excellent professional school entailing academic and production directions. You can choose a standard program and get a grant for education or choose a training program individually.

Specialized programs for practicing engineers (1 – 1,5 years)

Scientific and pedagogical programs for scientists and teachers (2 years)

Online education

Special programs

For specialists in the uranium industry

Our contribution to your future

When there is confidence in the future
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Programs designed in accordance with the requirements of priority industries
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Prestigious international diploma
��� ����� � ���� �������
Recognized in the CIS, European and Asian countries, and accredited in the United States.
��� ����� � ���� �������
Industrial internship at enterprises with the formation of practical skills
��� ����� � ���� �������
Credit system of education allowing to study according to an individual plan
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Languages of study: Kazakh, Russian, English

Advantages of studying Master’s degree:

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Highly qualified teaching staff
������������ �������� ������������
Powerful research infrastructure
������������ �������� ������������
In-depth study of English
������������ �������� ������������
International exchange programs and internships
������������ �������� ������������
The opportunity to study at 97 leading foreign universities
������������ �������� ������������
High competitiveness thanks to the "dual diploma" programs

Grants, scholarships and discounts

������, ��������� � ������
Cooperation with National Atomic Company "Kazatomprom" in the field of targeted training
������, ��������� � ������
Grants with employment in the Institute of Digital Technology and Technology
������, ��������� � ������
State grants for scientific and pedagogical programs

Learn the languages

and get ready for a trip abroad
When other countries are so close
churchill college cambridge

Satbayev University Master's programs place great emphasis on English. You can raise the level of your English with the help of experienced teachers who annually take advanced training courses in the language centers of foreign universities (such as Churchill College, Cambridge).

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