Oil-gas and ore geophysics

1 500 000 KZT / 1 year
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1 700 000 KZT / 1 year
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Educational Program Group

Complex testing subjects

M109 Petroleum and ore geophysics

Introduction to the theoretical foundations of the field and borehole geophysical surveys

Methods, techniques and technology for conducting, processing and interpreting field and well geophysical surveys

Master program in “Oil-gas and ore geophysics” provides graduates with professional competencies necessary to solve complex problems, and promotes the acquisition of in-depth fundamental knowledge; skills of abstract thinking and ability to set professional tasks in the field of research and practical activities. Alongside, due to the given program undergraduates find optimal solutions to these tasks taking into account their validity, cost and information, social- economic security in the context of actually existing production structures.

Master Program in “Oil-gas and ore geophysics” provides training of highly qualified specialists in the field of geophysical methods for prospecting and mineral deposits exploration as well as in basic research of earth crus geological structure.

You will be guided in geophysical methods and assessments of each method’s capabilities; also, you will gain high-quality professional knowledge related to phased and rational complexes of geological-geophysical works, knowledge on  organizing and conducting field and borehole surveys, processing, interpretation and modeling of obtained data.

You will acquire skills of analyzing geological and geophysical data, their structuring and classifications on target objects in mineral deposits; posing and solving direct and inverse problems in searching and exploring the given fields, acquire abilities to develop non-standard solutions to challenging problems and adapt them to new situations.

A graduate of “Geophysics Department” in "Oil-gas and ore geophysics" Master program will:

• possess skills in working with geophysical equipment and geophysical data, with a computer as a means of managing information.

• put into practice methods on collecting, processing, analyzing and summarizing stock, field and laboratory geological and geophysical information; to participate in organizing and conducting scientific-practical seminars and conferences.

• demonstrate ability being a research team member to compile reports, abstracts and bibliographies on research topics as well as prepare publications.

 "Oil-gas and ore geophysics" Master Program includes training in working with modern computer programs such as Studio RM, Petrel, Eclipse, Surfer, Geosoft, Geolog-Focus, Echos-Gold.

Undergraduates are practicing at research institutes such as Seismology Institute under RK MES, Satbayev Institute of Geological Sciences, “KazSRPImunaygas”, and “Karachaganak Petroleum Operating”, “Tengizchevroil”, “Kazgeology”, “PGD Services”, “DANK”, PGS, “Geoken”, “TatArka”, “Kazakstankaspiyshelf”, “Kazakh Geophysical Company”, “Batys geofizservis”, “GIS Company”, “Azimut Energy Services”, “Kazakhmys” operator and service companies.

Professors from leading universities of near and far abroad, leading experts from manufacturing companies and research institutes are invited for lectures and consultations on current problems regarding geophysics and geology of solid minerals, oil-gas, professors from leading universities of near and far abroad, leading experts from manufacturing companies and research institutes are invited.

The best undergraduates can receive additional education under academic mobility program at Colorado School of Mines (USA), Moscow State University, Tomsk Polytechnic University, Freire University, Lorrain University (Nancy, France), Institute of Mining Engineering and Technology (Beijing, China). Also, Adam Mickiewicz University (Poland), Warsaw University (Poland), Bergakademie Freiberg (Germany), Vrije Universiteit Brussel (Belgium), Natural History Museum (London, United Kingdom) and other higher educational institutions.

Graduates receive Master's degree in engineering and technology and are employed for oil-gas and mining companies in engineering positions, at research institutes occupying the posts as research workers.


Professors and associate professors with scientific degrees and titles, as well as lecturers who have extensive experience in basic and applied research related to geophysical methods of prospecting and mineral deposits exploration conduct classes. Alongside, the given teaching staff possess rich expertise in processing, interpretation and modeling of seismic data, geophysical potential fields, logging, designing, evaluating resources and reserves of solid minerals and hydrocarbons, as well as author supervision, audit and monitoring of geological exploration, in working out comprehensive programs for geodynamic monitoring of mineral resources, etc.

Individual approach

Each undergraduate has the opportunity to choose their thesis topic in accordance with his or her professional activities and personal preferences, as well as their supervisor, based on their educational, research and production activities profile. Each undergraduate will be given additional time to consult on various aspects related to dissertation work.

Classes are held in the evening.

Convenient schedule of classes that allows combining study and work.