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Providing the young researchers with access to communication with teachers and professors of EU universities, organizing international cooperation, modernizing scientific and educational processes and improving research conditions are important goals aimed at supporting young scientific personnel. As part of achieving these goals, ACeSYRI Satbayev University coordination group invites young researchers to participate in ACeSYRI project, seminars, master classes and conferences on artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep neural networks. SU Coordination Group implements the project in close contact with partners from abroad. The schedule of future seminars and conferences and reports on the events held will be posted on this page.


The project for doctoral students and young researchers in the field of computer science (ACeSYRI) is aimed at creating an innovative infrastructure for international cooperation between students, researchers and teachers of Kazakh and European universities. The given project will bring the education of doctoral students closer to the generally accepted international rules and norms based on the internationalization of postgraduate education.

Within the framework of the project, Center for promoting cooperation between doctoral students, young researchers and teachers and ACeSYRI Portal will be created that will allow participants to create research groups, cooperate with scientific partners from abroad and exchange information and project results. The use of ACeSYRI portal will be free and accessible to students and young researchers from universities and companies from partner countries of the European Union.

Launching the ACeSYRI project is a valuable contribution to the modernization of higher education in Kazakhstan. It is expected that improving the research conditions of young researchers, as well as involving them in current research problems, will increase the level of higher education in computer science field.
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Project participants from Kazakhstan

• Center for Bologna process and academic mobility at Ministry of Education and Science of Kazakhstan (Astana, Kazakhstan);
• Nazarbayev University (Astana, Kazakhstan);
• K. I. Satbayev Kazakh National Research Technical University (Almaty, Kazakhstan);
• Almaty University of Energy and Communications (Almaty, Kazakhstan);
• West Kazakhstan Agrarian Technical University named after Zhangir-khan (Uralsk, Kazakhstan);
• Kyzylorda State University named after Korkyt Ata (Kyzylorda, Kazakhstan);
• North Kazakhstan State University named after M. Kozybaev (Petropavlovsk, Kazakhstan)
• Suleiman Demirel University (Kaskelen, Kazakhstan)
• Union of legal entities "Kazakhstani Information Security Association" (Alma-Ata, Kazakhstan)

Project participants from EU

• Zilin University (Slovakia)
• Lodz University (Lodz, Poland)
• Lorraine University (Nancy, France)

Members of the project working group

Ravil I. Mukhamediev
Project Coordinator at SU

Professor of Software Engineering Department at Satbayev University, a leading researcher at IICT RK MES. Head of a number of scientific projects. His research interests include machine learning, natural language processing, decision support systems, scientometrics and methodological issues of higher education. Carries out the project overall coordination at Satbayev University.

Seylova Nurgul
Academic affairs coordinator

Head of "Cybersecurity, Information Processing and Storage" department at Satbayev University, candidate of technical sciences, a full member (academician) of International Academy of Computerization. Scientific supervisor and executor of grant research projects. Deals with the solution of academic issues.

Abdygalym Bayangali
Coordinator for Organizational Issues

Master of technical sciences, "Software Engineering" department’s engineer at Institute of Cybernetics and Information Technologies. He deals with the current coordination and organization of project activities.

Marina Yelis
Coordinator for Organizational Issues

Doctoral student in the field of machine learning and data science, a participant in scientific projects. Her research interests include data processing, machine learning, decision support systems and natural language processing as well as she organizes scientific and educational events of the project.

Nazym Sapar
Coordinator for Organizational Issues

Linguist-translator, has Master's degree in oriental studies. Currently, she works as the chief specialist at International Cooperation Department of Satbayev University. She has extensive experience in teaching English.

Alibek K. Abdurazakov
Coordinator for Technical Issues

Master of technical sciences, Head of Information Technology Department at Satbayev University. Technical coordinator of ACeSYRI project (Erasmus). Deals with equipment issues and advises on project integration into IT infrastructure of the university.

Symagulov Adilkhan
Coordinator for Technical Issues

Master of technical sciences, Engineer of scientific projects at Satbayev University and IICT RK MES. His research interests include machine learning, deep learning, unmanned aerial vehicles, bibliometric, etc.

Gulmira Serikbayeva
Coordinator for Financial Issues

Head of Finance department at Satbayev University. Financial Coordinator of ACeSYRI project (Erasmus).

Project duration: 15 January 2020 – 15 January 2023

Target group: graduate students, young researchers, research supervisors, university teachers and administration.

Goals and objectives of the project:
– Improving the conditions for scientific research of young scientists in Kazakhstan;
– Providing an innovative infrastructure for international cooperation between young researchers and the teaching staff at Kazakh and European universities;
– Providing doctoral students with an electronic platform for finding consultants in areas related to their scientific research outside of Kazakhstan, and involving them in international projects.

Expected results:
– Creation of a platform for long-term cooperation for universities of Kazakhstan and the EU;
– Development of an online portal;
– Holding conferences, seminars, meetings for the exchange of scientific experience of young researchers.

To implement the goals and objectives of the project:
– The publication activity of young researchers is initiated by publishing research results (CERES journal and others);
– The exchange of experience between researchers from different countries and within Kazakhstan is intensified at seminars and conferences organized within the project framework;
– ACeSYRI portal is being developed for communication between EU researchers and young scientists from Kazakhstan.

ACeSYRI project website:

The project is designed for 3 years and is carried out by 4 European and 9 Kazakh universities

National office of the program Erasmus+ in Kazakhstan:
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