Chemical Engineering of Hydrocarbon Compounds

Educational Program Group

Complex testing subjects

M097 Chemical Engineering and Processes

Inorganic Chemistry

General chemical technology

Training of specialists in the field of petrochemistry and chemical technology of oil and gas refining, competent in the field of advanced methods of synthesis and production of the most important types of organic substances, monomers and polymers, with a predominance of practical skills incompetencies.

The program is aimed at training creative specialists who are striving for self-development, who are able to set up and carry out experimental research from the standpoint of scientific and technical achievements of the modern petrochemical sector of the economy, who are able to manage the activities of employees and production.

Graduate students study oil as a natural object and the most important source of chemical raw materials, as well as processes based on the chemistry of compounds with one carbon atom; They are developing processes for converting oil into chemical products and alternative fuels.

Graduates are prepared for teaching, conducting research projects and occupy leading engineering positions in oil and gas refineries, oil depots, expert laboratories, research institutes, and joint engineering enterprises. An in-depth study of the English language and foreign internships are provided.