Bioecological engineering

2 128 000 KZT / 1 year
Educational Program Group
D 087
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An innovative program of training specialists and researchers in the field of bioecological engineering, leading scientific research on elaborating breakthrough eco biotechnologies and capable of solving modern problems on eco biotechnology.

The program provides a high level of professional training; graduates are awarded a “Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)” degree regardless of study duration.

A diploma is accompanied by a supplement in accordance with the European Commission, Europe Council and UNESCO / CEPES standard. The supplement is based on the European ECTS system and provides an opportunity to confirm national higher education for foreign universities and employers.

The program was developed based on studying foreign universities and research centers’ experience. Doctoral students learn to design and exploit environmental and biological processes in industrial production, study natural and manmade ecosystems, devices and equipment for studying properties, used microorganisms. In addition, cell cultures, substances obtained by biosynthesis, production of biotechnology products, nanotechnology and their impact on the environment, biomass, structures and environmentally friendly technologies for industrial biotechnological processes, microorganisms, cell culture of plants and animals, biologically active substance.

The program involves an in-depth study of English, disciplines on specialization; immerse training on a dissertation research topic, interdisciplinary training and teaching skills in higher education. The program includes teaching practice and the implementation of research work. In order to master a part of an educational component and / or conduct research, doctoral candidates conduct on-site internships in foreign educational-scientific institutions for the period of at least six months for the entire study period.

Graduates work as teachers at universities, as top managers, research engineers at research institutes, in product quality and safety control laboratories, energy, mineral, mining and metallurgical, oil-gas, engineering and chemical industries, environmental services and agro-industrial complex.