Comprehensive Information Security

1 500 000 KZT / 1 year
Cost for
legal entities
1 700 000 KZT / 1 year
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Educational Program Group

Complex testing subjects

M095 Information Security

Algorithms and data structures


This program offers quality training of specialists in the field of information communication technologies and information security technologies (the areas to be covered are: electronic digital signature, identification infrastructure, protection of network protocols, antivirus protection, content filtering, etc.).

The program is focused on training professionals in the field of information security management. Unlike the existing educational programs in the field of information security, this program is meant to actively expand the graduate's training towards the use of international practice and information security standards, which will give him competitive advantage in the market.

Graduates will receive an academic master’s degree in engineering and technology after 1.5 years of study or a master’s degree in technical sciences after 2 years of study.

Students will be able to: design, test, operate and administer information security systems, provide software and hardware protection for systems, work with identification infrastructure, network protocols protection, anti-virus protection, content filtering, etc.

Graduates of the program will have a wide range of knowledge from organizational to technical sides of programming skills in languages such as C ++, Java, SQL (Oracle, SQLServer), etc. Graduates will be employed in wide range of companies, in commercial and departmental entities, creating protection systems against virus attacks and hacking. They will prevent leakage of important information and forgery of data, develop information protection systems, maintain and upgrade existing security systems.

As part of the training, students are required to take research-and-teaching and industrial internships within organizations that are dealing with the issues of information security:

  • Institute of Information and Computational Technologies (Information Security Laboratory);
  • Corporation "Galaktika", the largest in the CIS developer of an integrated automation system for enterprise management "Galaktika" (ERP-system);
  • Pacifica, the leading information security integrator in the CIS;
  • “VelaIT”, a producer of software for different purposes including information security, etc.

This program will give its graduates all necessary skills for international postgraduate programs in the related areas at any leading partner universities in the United States, Western Europe or Russia.

Due to the digitalization of all activities and the lack of information security specialists, the demand for them globally is constantly growing. Graduates of this program are in demand not only in government, but also in commercial companies. They organize information system protection systems, protect enterprise infrastructure from virus and hacker attacks, provide protection against the incompetence (or malicious intent) of their own employees, develop strategic information protection systems according to the country's defense priorities, create databases with confidential information, keep safe state and commercial secrets and etc.