Engineering systems and networks

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M127 Engineering systems and networks

Building materials

Construction and installation technology

Training of specialists in the field of engineering support of buildings and structures, design, installation, reconstruction and operation of objects related to heat-gas supply systems, ventilation and water supply, sewage systems.

The program is aimed at training specialists working with modern engineering systems and networks. Graduates receive Academic Master's degree in engineering and technology after 1.5 years of study or Master of technical sciences within 2 years.

Undergraduates will learn the latest achievements of building science, engineering and technology, mathematical apparatus’ capabilities in solving problems of engineering and sanitary systems of buildings and structures, computer, computing and plotting equipment, automation research methods.

You will design engineering systems of buildings, structures, engineering systems, calculate and design parts and components of systems, make out engineering projects, create, use, maintain technological equipment and machines.

Qualified teachers specializing and performing research in the field of engineering systems and networks conduct training. Along with this, leading experts invited from overseas countries run classes. Convenient class schedule allows you to combine study and work.

Undergraduates do professional, research-scientific and pedagogical practice at the world's leading universities, at the same time they can be trained for a semester abroad under academic mobility programs.

Graduates are in demand in leading organizations in the field of engineering networks and facilities that work with environmental protection enterprises in construction and heat-power branches.