Civil engineering and production of building materials, products and structures

1 500 000 KZT / 1 year
Cost for
legal entities
1 700 000 KZT / 1 year
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Educational Program Group

Complex testing subjects

M124 Construction

Building materials

Technology of construction production 1

M125 Manufacture of building materials, products and structures

Building materials

Concrete technology 1

Training of specialists in the field of design, construction and operation of industrial and civil objects, bestselling building materials and products as well as wood processing and the latest technologies for manufacturing building materials, products and structures.

Professional activity subject is construction materials and structures; technologies for their production, design of building materials enterprises, as well as buildings for construction, oil, gas and transport economy sectors. Graduates receive an academic degree of Master in engineering and technology for 1.5 years of training or Master in technical sciences for 2 years.

Undergraduates will learn the latest achievements in the field of construction, building materials, products and structures; system modeling in construction production technology and organization; modern software products; terms and conditions of construction and installation works.

You will receive knowledge on production and use of building structures made of reinforced concrete, metal, stone, wood and plastics for various types of stress state; methods of calculation and design of single-and multi-storied industrial and civil buildings; technology of prefabricated and monolithic buildings’ construction; development and implementation of new construction materials, energy and resource-saving technologies and technological lines.

You will understand nuances of stages and production technology of building materials, their chemical composition and properties, all features of reconstruction, installation and design work during construction of various structures, buildings and structures.

You will be able to competently make appropriate calculations for elements and structures, qualitatively draw up technical solutions and develop technical specifications for construction and reconstruction taking into account ecology and safety requirements.

Undergraduates do professional, research-scientific and pedagogical practice at the world's leading universities and can be trained for a semester abroad under academic mobility programs.

Master’s program provides in-depth specialty knowledge and the ability to lead teams of designers, process engineers working on projects.

Graduates work in engineering positions in design bureaus, design institutes, construction firms, at enterprises for production of building materials, products and structures (plants for manufacturing binders, concrete and reinforced concrete products, ceramic building materials, roofing materials and products), in  industrial and civilian buildings’ construction as well.