Engineering systems and networks

Innovative educational program trains scientific personnel focused on scientific, experimental research, teaching activities in designing heat and gas supply, ventilation, water supply, sewage, water supply systems and water disposal in populated areas, industrial enterprises, water management and hydropower systems. Graduates are awarded PhD. academic degree.

Doctoral students study creation of new technologies in the field of heat-gas supply, ventilation, water supply, sewerage and hydraulic engineering, hydropower facilities.

Much attention is paid to intellectual entrepreneurship, development of applied projects for the real economy and the launched projects’ commercialization.

Doctoral students are actively involved in research projects under foreign consultants’ guidance. Plans for doctoral studies include mandatory internship at leading foreign universities. Two scientific advisors, a national and a foreign one, supervise dissertation work and its defense.

Diploma empowers employment in leading organizations in the field of design and operation related to engineering systems of cities and towns. Graduates work at housing and communal services enterprises and in organizations of water supply and wastewater systems of industrial enterprises, in specialized organizations for design, operation and evaluation of hydraulic and hydropower facilities and water supply systems.

Graduates also work as teachers, researchers at scientific-research centers, universities, in national and private companies, and other organizations conducting research, design and educational activities in economics and construction spheres.