Software Engineering

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M094 Information Technology

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The program offers quality training of specialists in the area of developing modern software products. Graduates will become professional developers of software for different purposes with the use of new computing technologies.

Graduates will receive an academic master’s degree in engineering and technology after 1.5 years of study or a master’s degree in technical sciences after 2 years of study.

Mastering modern software development methods, network technologies of various scales and managing a wide range of information systems, as well as distributed computing tools will provide an ability to: design, develop and maintain operating and information systems, with an account of specifics of hardware and software of computer systems and networks; organize software infrastructure and authorized access to data based on modern protocols; organize business processes for developing software, including such stages as coding, debugging, modular and integration testing.

As part of the training, students are required to take professional, research and teaching internships. Best of the students are welcome to take a semester abroad within the academic mobility program.

Graduates will work as leading specialists, developers and software architects, managers for software quality and development processes in IT technology parks, information technology departments within industrial production industries, leading IT companies, government and business entities.