Management information systems

2 223 600 KZT / 1 year
Educational Program Group
D 094
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According to the world's leading experts, information systems are the most important and in-demand area of developing information technologies. This is due to the rapid development of large, distributed computing systems, which cover more and more areas of human activity.

This is an innovative educational program, which produces effective researchers, who are focused on scientific, experimental research, teaching activities in the field of modern methods of developing information systems for various purposes. The graduates are awarded an academic degree of Ph.D.

This is the only IS program in Kazakhstan that offers high-quality and deep knowledge and produces experts and teachers that are fluent and have all the skills in the area of design and development of information systems, such as decision-making systems, expert and intelligent systems, information searching systems in various sectors of the economy, finance, manufacturing and other fields .

Graduates of the program will gain system knowledge in the field of algorithms, data structures, methods for developing and analyzing the effectiveness of information systems for various purposes. Graduates will know the methods of system analysis and assessment of the effectiveness of development, implementation and operation of information systems and their elements.

The program uses the experience of leading foreign universities and educational centers; renowned professors from leading universities of the world are invited to deliver lectures and pieces of training.

Much attention is paid to such areas as intelligent entrepreneurship, development of applied projects for the real sector of economy and commercialization of ongoing projects. The program is intended to develop skills for research and teaching activities.

Ph.D. students are actively involved in research projects under the guidance of foreign supervisors. Study plans for Ph.D. students include a required internship at a leading foreign university. Thesis write-up and defense are supervised by two scientific professors, domestic and foreign.

Выпускники работают преподавателями, научными сотрудниками в научно-исследовательских центрах, университетах, в национальных и частных компаниях и других организациях, ведущих исследования, проектную и образовательную деятельность в различных сферах экономики.

Graduates will work as teachers and researchers in research centers or universities, national and private companies or other organizations implementing research, design and educational activities in various sectors of the economy.