магистранты Satbayev University

Science and education program.

Duration: 2 years.

After graduation: the right to teach in higher educational institutions.

Academic degree: Master of Science, MSc (Master of Technical Sciences)


The scientific-pedagogical master program belongs to post-graduate education programs and is aimed to train scientific and pedagogical staff for the system of higher postgraduate education and the scientific fields. It is available for persons who graduated from higher educational institutions and have bachelor degree. It is intended for students who plan to develop in scientific and educational spheres.

In addition to professional knowledge, the program provides students opportunity to develop global, general scientific skills, communication, learning, critical thinking skills. The feature of the program is in-depth scientific and pedagogical preparation.

Another feature of the program is the great attention paid to the methodology of scientific research, the ability to formulate and solve modern scientific and practical problems, and to carry out successfully research and management activities. The program includes the opportunity to participate in scientific projects, as well as exchange programs with foreign universities, in order to get the opportunity to develop a scientific career after graduating from university.

The graduate of Master of science and education  program should have fundamental scientific and professional training, master modern information technologies, and be competent in the professional field.

After passing the theoretical course and successfully defending the thesis, the undergraduates receive a diploma of a master's degree. Degree indicates that the graduate has received profound knowledge of the chosen profile, and gives him/her the opportunity to enter a doctorate program.

Those enrolled in the scientific and pedagogical master programs have the right to receive a state grant to cover tuition fees or to study on a self-funded basis.

For admission it is necessary to provide a package of documents confirming your status, and to pass two exams: in the specialty and in a foreign language.

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