Architecture and urban planning

2 223 600 KZT / 1 year
Educational Program Group
D 122
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Innovative educational program trains personnel focused on scientific, experimental research, teaching activities in the field of architecture and urban planning. Graduates are awarded Academic PhD degree, Diploma is accompanied by a supplement in accordance European Commission, Europe Council and UNESCO / CEPES standard. European Diploma Supplement is completed in English upon individual request and is issued free of charge.

The program in terms of vocational training was developed based on studying experience of foreign universities and research centers implementing accredited training programs for PhD doctors. Training of doctors in profile involves fundamental educational, methodological and research training and immerse study of disciplines in the following science areas: typology and history of residential and public architectural objects, social / cultural anthropology of dwelling, history of Kazakhstan architecture, urban planning / urban studies.

By curriculum termination, doctoral students undergo research and industrial practice, content of which is determined due to doctoral dissertation theme.

Doctoral students will: receive knowledge at the highest level related to science and professional activity; be able to assess and select information necessary to improve activities; use special knowledge to critically analyze, evaluate and synthesize new complex ideas that are at the very forefront of this field. At the same time, they will extend or rethink existing knowledge and / or professional practice within a specific area or at the interface of areas and will have methodological knowledge in the field of innovation and professional activity and master a high level of learning processes comprehension.

Graduates will be able to work in research and management activities at research and production centers, research institutes, departments of enterprises’ state management body, as well as non-state sector; conduct educational activities in higher vocational schools of architectural and construction profile. They will be qualified as executing managers in structural units of Architecture and Urban Planning Department at the district, city and regional level, regional and district akimats, in architectural formations of various forms of ownership.