Applied and Engineering Physics

2 128 000 KZT / 1 year
Educational Program Group
D 090
naar iqaa
  • How to fill in the application to participate in state grant contest?

    1. Before applying, select your favorite educational program at Satbayev University, corresponding to the relevant subjects in which you passed UNT.

    2. Write down for yourself the code (column “Groups of educational programs” in the table) of the group of educational programs that includes the program you have chosen.

    3. Indicate the group code and code of Satbayev University (Kazakh National Research Technical University named after K.I. Satpayev) in the application for a grant: 029.

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Education of scientific staff in the field of functional material physics, devices and systems, the operational characteristics of which are determined by low-dimensional effects and principles of functioning, competitive both in the domestic and international labor market. After defending a thesis graduator will get a Philosophy degree.

The program is developed on the basis of the foreign universities experience and research centers, also advanced English study is included and specialization subjects, which provide a high level of training and the formation of teaching skills in higher education.

PhD students study the basis of modern technologies, physical-chemical fundamentals of obtaining functional materials and structures, methods for studying functional materials, carbon clusters and structures, semiconductor heterostructures, high-energy physics, physics of low-dimensional systems, materials science, modern technologies and functional materials, physics and technology energy conservation and renewable energy, learning engineering analysis and design skills, as well as work on a complex technology and world-class research facilities.

Ph.D. student have internships in foreign educational and scientific institutions which are related to their research.

The Diploma Supplement is accompanied by the ECTS Application developed according to the standards of the European Commission, the Council of Europe and UNESCO/CEPES, which confirms higher education for European universities and possible for foreign employers.

Graduators work in managerial positions in higher educational institutions, research institutes, in light and heavy industry, mining, metallurgy, aviation, space industry, in the construction and engineering sectors of the economy, in creating a new composite and functional materials.