Biomedical Engineering

Training of highly qualified specialists who are able to conduct research on innovative areas of biomedical engineering development that meets international standards and allows Kazakhstan to integrate into the global educational space. Graduates are awarded Ph.D. degree.

Students will gain practical skills in 30 specialized laboratories furnished with modern equipment and instruments, computer equipment and software. Training uses the latest computer-aided design systems of international level, such as ADEM, SolidWorks, Autodesk and Compass 3D, MSC Nastran, Comsol Multiphysics and APM Win Machine.

The institute interacts with many foreign technical universities and maintains contacts with professors from TFH University Georg Agricola (Germany), Pennsylvania State University, University of Loraine, AGH University of Science and Technology, CAUST, University of Texas, Braunswille, Liaoning University of Science and Technology (China) etc. Doctoral students undergo internships at technical universities throughout the world.

Graduates work in higher education institutions, research organizations, as engineers in medical institutions, as executive managers in higher education institutions and research organizations.