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Learning directions according to specialties classificator of higher and postgraduate education of the RK Group of educational programs UNT subjects
5B071900 Radio engineering, electronics and telecommunications B059 Communications and communication technologies Math - Physics
830 000 KZT / 1 year
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Educational programme "Telecommunications" - EP ТС, created for the implementation of the main provisions of the Fourth Industrial Revolution - Industry 4.0, are aimed at training specialists in the field of telecommunications engineering and satellite communication systems for receiving and transmitting, processing digital information. Specialists who have completed the educational process in new EP TC have the opportunity to work in all sectors of the economy, public administration and other areas, including in the field of satellite systems of the space industry and telecommunications.

EP TC includes a large amount of mathematical, natural science, basic, specialized and language disciplines. New specialized disciplines have been added, which can be divided into two groups: disciplines on modern systems of radio-electronic telecommunications and satellite systems for receiving and transmitting digital information.

You will study the following disciplines:  Electrical Circuit Theory; Theory of electric communication; Physical fundamentals of electronics; Directing systems of electric communication; Circuitry of electronic means; Communication networks and switching systems; Technology of digital communication; Network technologies; Microprocessor and microcontroller devices and systems; Fiber-optical systems in telecommunications; Antenna-feeder devices and radio wave propagation; Radio transmitters and receivers devices; Technology of a wireless communication; Systems of satellite communication; Geographic information systems in telecommunications; Digital systems of TV and   radiobroadcasting; Intellectual networks.

The content of the disciplines of the EP TC program is developed taking into account the corresponding educational programs of leading universities in the world. Students study a range of disciplines that form skills in the field of management and the development of information and telecommunication systems for various purposes. Special attention is paid to digital communication technologies.

To improve the quality of teaching in the specialty, teachers are widely used innovative teaching methods: laboratory and practical work in most disciplines are carried out using computer technology and specialized software, using virtual laboratory work. These are such application programs as "MathCAD", "LabVIEW", "MatLab", "Multisim", Electronics Workbench, and also laboratory installations.

Students of EP "Telecommunications" are practicing in national and private telecommunication and communication companies such as Kazakhtelecom, Transtelecom, Kar-Tel, ALTEL, Tele2, Kazteleradio, Kcell, etc. ., as well as at the telephone stations of large enterprises. The best students have the opportunity to study at leading foreign universities under the program of academic mobility.

Graduates of the specialization in “Telecommunications” work as telecom operators, electronics specialists, operators, managers for the organization of business processes of telecommunications and developers of communication systems in various sectors of the economy.