2 128 000 KZT / 1 year
Educational Program Group
D 096
  • How to fill in the application to participate in state grant contest?

    1. Before applying, select your favorite educational program at Satbayev University, corresponding to the relevant subjects in which you passed UNT.

    2. Write down for yourself the code (column “Groups of educational programs” in the table) of the group of educational programs that includes the program you have chosen.

    3. Indicate the group code and code of Satbayev University (Kazakh National Research Technical University named after K.I. Satpayev) in the application for a grant: 029.

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Training of doctoral students in the field of modern telecommunication systems and intelligent digital communication systems. The graduate was awarded the degree of "PhD".

Doctoral students master computer-integrated technologies in telecommunications; neural network technologies; intelligent systems; modeling and optimization in telecommunication systems and networks; research planning and processing of experimental results; high frequency transistor converters; administration in intelligent infocommunication networks

The program is focused on the study of modern elements and systems for the provision of telecommunications in the framework of the «Industrial revolution 4.0» In particular, in addition to knowledge of modern methods and means of providing telecommunications, methods for constructing digital and satellite communication systems are widely studied. Issues of development and operation of a smart technology-based telecommunication system design automation system are widely considered.

Doctoral students have access to a large material and technical base, teaching and research laboratory stands and devices of the world's leading telecommunications companies: Cisco, National Instruments, Rochde Schwarz.

The university actively cooperates with Kaztelecom, Kazteleradio, Kcell companies by the Ministry of Aerospace and Defense Industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan and with leading technical universities of Russia and Ukraine. During the training, practical training is provide in the central and regional offices of these companies, as well as at telephone stations of large enterprises and internships at the Berlin Technical University, at the St. Petersburg National Research University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics, at the Moscow Aviation Institute. With Ordzhonikidze and at the Moscow State Technical University. Bauman.

 Plans for doctoral studies include the mandatory internship at leading foreign universities.

Graduates was trained to conduct professional activities in research centers, universities, national and private companies, and other organizations conducting research and projects in various areas of the telecommunications industry and in new sectors of the digital economy.