Educational programme "Telecommunications" - EP ТС, created for the implementation of the main provisions of the Fourth Industrial Revolution - Industry 4.0, are aimed at training specialists in the field of telecommunications engineering and satellite communication systems for receiving and transmitting, processing digital information. Specialists who have completed the educational process in new EP TC have the opportunity to work in all sectors of the economy, public administration and other areas, including in the field of satellite systems of the space industry and telecommunications.

EP TC includes a large amount of mathematical, natural science, basic, specialized and language disciplines. New specialized disciplines have been added, which can be divided into two groups: disciplines on modern systems of radio-electronic telecommunications and satellite systems for receiving and transmitting digital information.

You will study the following disciplines:

- Digital and microprocessor technology

- Electronics and circuitry

- Digital devices in telecommunications

- Digital communication technology

- Modeling systems and networks

- Fiber optic systems in telecommunications

- Satellite communication and network systems

The content of the disciplines of the EP TC program is developed taking into account the corresponding educational programs of leading universities in the world. Students study a range of disciplines that form skills in the field of management and the development of information and telecommunication systems for various purposes, including the development and design of space communications. Special attention is paid to digital communication technologies.

To improve the quality of teaching in the specialty, teachers are widely used innovative teaching methods: laboratory and practical work in most disciplines are carried out using computer technology and specialized software, using virtual laboratory work. These are such application programs as "MathCAD", "LabVIEW", "MatLab", "Multisim", Electronics Workbench, and also laboratory installations. For example, in the Multichannel Telecommunications Systems discipline, the Emona-Date X laboratory stand is used; for the Electronics and Circuit Studies, the Edibon laboratory stand, the MathCAD application program is used in the Electrical and Telecommunications power supply discipline, etc.

 Students of EP "Telecommunications" are practicing in national and private telecommunication and communication companies such as: Kazakhtelecom, Transtelecom, Kar-Tel, ALTEL, Tele2, Kazteleradio, Kcell, etc. ., as well as at the telephone stations of large enterprises. The best students have the opportunity to study at leading foreign universities under the program of academic mobility.

Graduates will be worked as technicians, craftsmen, engineers, electronics engineers, telecommunications operators, operators, managers for organizing telecommunications business processes and communication systems developers in the research, production and design departments of space enterprises and divisions of large companies in the real sector of the economy. Potential employers include the company “Kazakhstan Gharysh Sapary”, the National Center for Space Research and Technology, the Institute of Space Technology and Technology, Kaztelecom JSC, Kazteleradio JSC and national and international cellular operators, enterprises of the electronic and electrical industry for the production of telecommunications equipment.