Oil-gas and ore geophysics

2 128 000 KZT / 1 year
Educational Program Group
D 109
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Doctoral studies in "Oil and gas and ore geophysics" area trains highly qualified specialists for scientific, academic-pedagogical, industrial and innovative fields of activity in solving tasks related to prospecting and developing mineral deposits based on innovative methods and technologies of geophysical research due to advanced registration tools, processing and modeling of geophysical potential fields.

Doctoral thesis is combined with high scientific activity, academic mobility and is aimed at preparing a doctoral thesis for Doctor of Philosophy degree.

“Oil and Gas Ore Geophysics” program provides in-depth study of theoretical and methodological foundations of oil-gas and ore geophysics; forms skills of independent research activities, stimulates development of new theories, approaches and models in geophysical methods of prospecting and exploring mineral deposits, mathematical modeling of processes and objects.

You will acquire skills of organizing and conducting scientific and applied research, doing experiments on target methodology and drawing up research description; master methods of collecting, processing, analyzing and systematizing scientific and technical information, domestic and foreign experience in oil-gas, ore geology and geophysics.

Doctoral students practice at research institutes, operator and service companies in near and far abroad.

Graduates receive qualification of Doctor of engineering and technology in oil-gas and ore geophysics, work in oil-gas and mining companies, at research institutes occupying senior positions.

Graduates solve problems that require application of fundamental and applied knowledge in earth sciences within principal areas of scientific research, geophysical methods of prospecting, exploration and forecast of mineral deposits, detailed geological and geophysical study of the structure related to oil-gas districts and specific deposits, ore regions, areas and deposits of solid minerals.

They work at academic and departmental research institutes and organizations; in exploration and mining firms and companies engaged in prospecting, exploration and extraction of mineral raw materials; organizations related to environmental monitoring and environmental issues; in general educational establishments of secondary and higher vocational education.