Geology of oil and gas

Training of specialists in the field of geology and exploration related to oil and gas fields, oilfield geology based on innovations in the field of production and scientific-educational environment. Graduates are awarded PhD degree.

Diploma is accompanied by a supplement in accordance to European Commission, Europe Council and UNESCO / CEPES standard.

The supplement is based on European ECTS system and provides an opportunity to confirm national higher education for foreign universities and employers. European Diploma Supplement is completed in English upon individual request and is issued free of charge.

The program provides in-depth knowledge and competencies in petroleum geology related to exploration and oilfield geology, with development of hydrocarbon deposits.

Doctoral students obtain competences in production and management, organizational-technological and scientific-pedagogical fields on the basis of modern teaching means of information technologies, information resources, learn to generate their own new scientific ideas, organize and implement scientific research process.

Students study geological and field features of deep geologic and oil-gas deposits’ recoverable reserves that are extracted with difficulty, as well as geology and formation of hydrocarbon deposits in Central Asia and Kazakhstan, modern methods of research, forecasting and exploration of oil and gas.

Doctoral students are actively involved in research projects under supervisors’ guidance. Plans for doctoral studies include mandatory internship at leading foreign universities. Two scientific advisors, a national and a foreign one, supervise dissertation work and its defense.

Doctoral students pass their scientific internships at CERCAMS Natural History Museum (London UK), State Key Laboratory of China, Beijing, China, Tomsk Polytechnic University (RF) and other well-known universities.

Graduates work as teachers, researchers at testing centers, universities, national and private geological and oil-gas companies.