Karim Medet Sapiyevich

Karim Medet Sapiyevich

Director for exploration and production assets, JSC “NC “Kazmunaygas”

Years of training: 1995-2000 yy.
Specialty: "Development and operation of oil and gas fields"

I was prompted to choose the oil faculty, specialty “Development and operation of oil and gas fields” by amazing and fascinating stories of close relatives, from whom I learned about the valiant and noble work of the older generation, about “children of the oil region”. My uncles were geologists, geophysicists, worked in the field of oil and gas production. I entered the Kazakh National Technical University in 1995. At that time, the new name of the University, which just a year ago took over from the legendary Polytechnic, sounded proud – it really is a higher educational institution for real men. At least I was sure of it.

At the initial courses I was most interested in Chemistry, later, of course, subjects in the specialty, because they were a completely new direction for me. But there were also subjects that were not easy for me, like for other students: “Theory of Mechanisms and Machines-TMM”, “Machine parts” and “Strength of materials”. I had to try harder, study additional literature and seek help from teachers. I am grateful to Professor Zifa Matenovna Rakhimbekova, a teacher of “Strength of materials” (which, by the way, became my favorite). But I want quite frankly, sincerely,"hand on heart", to mark all the teaching staff of the University, those from whom we drew knowledge. I still remember many of them with great gratitude: G.M. Nursultanova, K.I. Dzhiembayev, S.K. Abishev, G.G. Tastanbekov, and, of course, I cannot forget the name of the academician - Geroi Zholtayevich Zholtayev, who was beloved by oilmen, our pride and who was the most respected person.

I started thinking about research activities only after the 3rd year, and at the end of the 4th year I wrote my coursework on crude oil preparation. Later I developed it in my diploma work. Great support and mentoring I had received from Kalamkas Idrisovna Dzhiembaeva and Galiasker Muratovich Nursultanov.

It really is a higher educational institution for real men

Further, I continued research on this problem with my colleagues at the beginning of my career: I worked on different technologies, changes in the oil treatment system at the fields, as well as on several inventions, one of which later was secured by a patent (“Device for cleaning and separating unstable water-oil emulsions”, an innovative patent).   

Remembering the beginning of my professional career, I understand that in our time, young people were not afraid to go to production, to start work from the field, from the bottom. For example, I started as an operator of the 2nd category of oil and gas production at  Oryskazgan field (now B. Jolamanov field) of oil and gas production department (OGPD) of “Kainarmunaygas”, OJSC “Kazakhoilemba”.

In 1995, OGPD was just established on the basis of this field. Starting from the first days of work, it was interesting to compare the theoretical material obtained at the University with the practical data. We, young recruits, especially liked to help the shop geologists, because through their reports, figures and indicators we could see what seemed remote and abstract to us during our studies, it was great to work almost independently on the territory of the shop for the preparation and pumping of oil, replacing the operators. That's how it all started... I am deeply grateful to the teachers for the knowledge and skills, we acquired during the training, for the energy and strength that they passed on to us. This has become a solid foundation for our future career.

Together with the knowledge in the walls of my native University, I have met loyal friends. Later, they became my colleagues (with some of them I still keep a strong relationship, we are friends with our families), and prepared for adulthood,  formed as a person. In the future, I would like, as my teachers once did, to transfer my experience and knowledge to the younger generation, to teach or become a mentor for students. And now I want to say one thing to young people: “Dream and don’t be afraid!”

Today's students of SatbayevUniversity are tomorrow's future of our country; they are the fundamental asset of our society, the engine of progress. They will lead and develop our oil industry, and not only. There is no doubt that the graduates will always contribute to the prosperity of our country. I see the future of the University as a locomotive that moves progress-science and production and a powerful transformer that invests its information and research energy in the production of highly educated specialists with high-quality modern knowledge and competencies for the development of the economy of Kazakhstan!

10 october 2020 5727
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