Absametov Malis Kudyssovich

Absametov Malis Kudyssovich

Doctor of geological and mineralogical sciences, professor, full member of NAS RK, director of U.M. Akhmedsafin Hydrogeology and Geo-ecology Institute under K.I. Satbayev KazNTU

Years of training: 1970-1975 yy.
Specialty: "Hydrogeology and Engineering Geology"

I entered KAZPTI named after V.I. Lenin in 1970, Geological and prospecting faculty, "Hydrogeology and Engineering Geology" specialty. Geology attracted us with romantic atmosphere (the main elements of which were a tent, nature, guitar, fire) and trips due to which we used to discover the unknown. Why Polytechnic University? It was the leading institute in the capital and trained geologists.

Teachers imparted the love of the students to the studied disciplines; they conveyed exactly their fanaticism and love for the discipline to us, students. Therefore, when someone asks me what discipline was my favorite one, I recall not the discipline itself but the teacher who conducted it. I think I was lucky with teachers. They were outstanding scientists and professionals, the majority of them came to us in the wartime from Moscow and Leningrad where they were working as teachers of the USSR leading higher educational institutions. Let me enumerate just some names – Medoyev G.Ts., Shlygin E.D., Fedin N.F., Shipulina V.G., Lisogor K.A. and many others.

I think I was lucky with teachers.

Actually, just the best moments of student’s life remain in people’s memory. It is natural – youth, optimism, joy of life, making great plans, etc. The peculiarity of my education program was that during our study we used to be engaged in geological, engineering-geological, derrick internships with our groups. 

My diploma paper was dedicated to water facilities of Makanchi settlement in the East Kazakhstan region, the candidate dissertation was connected with hydro geochemical search of solid minerals, and doctoral dissertation was devoted to elemental composition formation of underground waters and prognosis evaluation on ore minerals with the use of physical and chemical modeling and pattern recognition technique.

I always wanted to deal with scientific research, and after graduating from the university, I started working as an engineer at Hydrogeology and Hydro physics Institute under RK AS. In 2 years, I continued my postgraduate studies. The outstanding scientist, the hydro geologist, RK AS Academician Sydykov Zh.S. became my research supervisor, and in the laboratory where the work was proceeded there were my “micro supervisors”, candidates of science Davletgaliyeva K.M., Vampilov V.G., Dementyev V.S. and others. This magnificent tandem of mentors allowed me to defend my candidate dissertation in a short period and subsequentlty State Commission for Academic Degrees and Titles of the USSR awarded me a doctoral degree of geological and mineralogical sciences.

I want to express sincere gratitude to my teachers and mentors who helped me  to understand that the most important qualities for achieving the goal in professional career are diligence, desire for knowledge and new experience.

The basic knowledge gained at university played the big role in my formation as a scientist therefore I want to express sincere gratitude to my teachers and mentors who helped me  to understand that the most important qualities for achieving the goal in professional career are diligence, desire for knowledge and new experience. After all, many disciplines in geology are based on cramming: paleontology, mineralogy, regional geology, petrography, etc.

Currently I occupy the post of Director at Hydrogeology and Geo-ecology Institute named after U.M. Akhmedsafin, the given institute is in the structure of K.I. Satpayev KAZNITU. We train masters and doctoral candidates, at the same time are engaged in scientific researches on the relevant issue regarding hydrogeological science, the mentioned-above studies are conducted due to modern scientific equipment so the students study "not in audiences, but in laboratories".

It would be nice to see our Polytechnic University among the "top" universities, with state-of-the-art scientific and educational base, with powerful, talented teachers who are passionate about what they do, and hardworking students who have pursuit of knowledge and love for Homeland. I want to say to you, future graduates: "You made a right choice! Engineering education will always be demanded, national economy is engineers. I want to wish you great success in study and become competitive specialists!

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