Begimbet Abdikhan Ermakhanovich

Academic Advisor of the National Academy of Mountain Sciences

Years of training: 1970-1975 yy.
Specialty: "Mining engineer"

I was born on December 21, 1933 in the village of Zhanakorgan, Kyzylorda region. After secondary school, I entered the Mining Department of the Kazakh Mining and Metallurgical Institute in 1950. Currently, this is Satbayev University.

After graduation, in 1955, I began my career at the Achpolimetal factory and worked at the plant's enterprises until reaching a well-deserved rest. I can confidently say that I worked conscientiously for the good of the country in the mining and metallurgical industry, started from a young specialist to one of the leaders of the factory. Total working experience - 44 years.

My underground experience is 44 years.

From 1968 to 1970, I was sent to Algeria to assist local specialists in the development of the mining industry.

Over the years of work in industry and after retirement, I shared my knowledge and expertise with scientists and specialists. In total, I defended and implemented more than five inventions and twenty rationalization proposals, for which I was awarded the badge "Inventor of the USSR" in 1978. The invention improved the extraction of ore and accelerate working cycles. Including:

1. Device for controlling dust explosives when loading holes, No. 754055, 1978

2. The method of excavation of the support pillars, No. 838093, 1979

3. The method of excavation of the support pillars, No. 877018, 1980

From 1980 to 1987, I led the development of the Shalkiya field from scratch, from the first peg, I was the first director of the mine and the city of Shalkiya under construction in the Kyzylorda region. In subsequent years, until a pension, I worked as фт acting chief engineer of the Achpolymetal factory. During the crisis of the 90s, I was invited to work as an adviser to the general director at the Achpolimetal factory. I created and supervised the society “Қазақ тілі” (Kazakh language) in  Kentau city.

I was the prototype of the main character of Zhumabay Yedilbaev’s novel “Terendegi tebrenister” (Almaty, ‘Zhazushi’ publishing house, 1984), the hero of the documentary film “Arpalys” (shown on the KTK channel), the hero of the historical and documentary narratives of Oskenbai Kulataiuly “Letter 43 people to Kunayev”, “Yelu Zhylda - El Zhana”, “Tagdyr”,“Zamandastar”. Information about me and my life path was also described in other authors’ books, for example, Zh.A. Uralbayev in the book “Intelligent citizens of the Kazakh land” (Almaty, publishing house “Dauir”). In 2013, I wrote and published the book "Kenshi Kelbetі", copies of which are in the National Library of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the library of Kentau. Thanks to my creative desire, I became a composer and author of more than 17 songs (the Waltz of the Miners). My daughter and four sons followed my life path, received higher technical education at KazPTI and became mining engineers. My family can surely be called a dynasty of mining engineers.

My family can surely be called a dynasty of mining engineers.

I have an active lifestyle. I was a delegate from the Kazakh SSR at the Festival of Youths in Moscow in 1957, from the Kazakh SSR was a member of the All-Union Exhibition of Economic Achievements of the USSR in 1974. For many years of conscientious work for the benefit of the people, I was awarded honorary titles - “Honored Veteran of the Achpolymetal Factory” (1989), “Honorary Citizen of the City of Kentau” and “Member of the Labor Front”, “Academic Advisor” of the National Academy of Mining Sciences of Kazakhstan in 2019.

Chevalier of State and industry awards of the USSR and the Republic of Kazakhstan: Order of Friendship of Peoples 1986 (USSR), badge "Inventor of the USSR" 1978, medal "Veteran of Labor" 1984 (USSR), badge " Shoсk worker of the 9th five-year plan"1976 (USSR), badge" Winner of the Socialist Competition "1974 (USSR), medal “For Conscientious work” (Russian Federation, 2010), medal “50 years of Victory in the Great Patriotic War”, medal “55 years of Victory in the Great Patriotic War”, medal “60 years of Victory in the Great Patriotic War”, medal “65 years Victories in the Great Patriotic War”, medal“ 70 years of Victory in the Great Patriotic War ”, badge“ Honorary Citizen of Kentau ”2005, medal“ General of the Army Nurmaganbetov ”, medal in honor of the 80th anniversary of KazNRTU ‘For the contribution to the development of the University’, the badge ‘Hero of the mining industry’ (National Academy of Mining Sciences, 2018, medal “85 years of KazNRTU named after Satbayev” 2019.

1 february 2020 1003
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