Suleyev Dosym Kasymovich

Suleyev Dosym Kasymovich

Director of the Institute of Seismology of RK

Years of training: 1965-1970 yy.
Specialty: "Automation and Telemechanics"

After finishing school in 1965 in Kentau, I firmly decided to enter the Technical Institute. During the scientific and technological revolution in our country, this decision was considered the only correct one. I chose Leningrad Technical University, but at the last moment my patriotic and national feelings won, and I went to enter the Kazakh Polytechnic Institute (KazPTI) named after V. I. Lenin, the leading technical University of the republic. Having passed the competition (13 people for a place) I was enrolled in the recently formed, the most prestigious faculty "Automatics and Computer Engineering" (ACE). Since I passed the entrance exams perfectly, a special commission of the Ministry of education of the Republic offered me to go to study in Moscow, in the famous "Baumanka". But I refused to leave Alma-Ata, because for a month of living in Alma-Ata, I fell madly in love with it.

The faculty of "Automation and computer engineering" trained engineers in two new specialties - "Automation and Telemechanics" and "Computer Engineering". I chose the first one. Among my favorite subjects I remember “Descriptive Geometry” (I am still amazed!) and “Higher Mathematics”. Maybe because the teachers were very interesting people, war veterans, who created the atmosphere of a competitive game in practical classes. And, frankly speaking, I was not very fond of humanitarian disciplines.

What are my fondest memories from my studies? I was lucky enough to study at the Polytechnic University in the 60s, the years of the Khrushchev’s thaw, which were imbued with the spirit of romance, creativity and a kind of universal love. It was a time of craze for music, painting, poetry, author's song. Through the "iron curtain" in our youth broke the music of the ensemble "Beatles", and my classmates, imitating the newfangled ensemble, also began to master the guitar, and sing the most popular songs then.

Once the Secretary of the Komsomol organization of our faculty Kamit Sanbayev suggested me to unite the guys: "Dos, you are musically competent, you play the saxophone and the piano, beautifully arrange the songs to voices, your fellow students Murat and Meyrbek have quite good musical data, I also sing and play the guitar. Maybe, we will create a faculty ensemble?!"We decided to try it and started working seriously.

The native Polytech became for me the main school not only educational and scientific, but also all my life!

Our first performance took place at the birthday party of a girl from the next room in the dormitory. All evening we sang to the accompaniment of seven-string guitars. The girls were delighted. The rumor that the "submachine gunners" had their own ensemble spread quickly, we became idols of the beautiful half of the Polytechnic. We, who were still unprofessionally "strumming" the guitars and performing Kazakh and Russian songs, were invited to all the dormitories of the Institute and student clubs. There were dances in the lobby on Sundays. Soon we added percussion instruments to the guitars (solo and rhythm) and invited Sasha Litvinov to play, a student of the faculty of Mining from the Institute orchestra.

Another summer came, and we all worked in the collective farm Bayanaulsky together with Hungarian students in the international construction brigade. The working day in the student construction brigade, of course, ended with dances and songs. Mostly we played, "submachine gunners". At the end of the season we decided to give a concert on the stage of our renovated rural House of culture. How we came out on stage, how we sang and what we sang, none of us can remember! But the singing, apparently, was good, because the audience was in a frenzy. Friendly applause and enthusiastic cries of "Ma-lad-tsy-yy!" sounded in the ears of the participants of that evening for a long time.

Hungarian students were especially surprised. "What beautiful songs you have! Your singing is cool!" they said. The head of the Hungarian detachment Janos Karpati added:

"We came up with the name of your team – "Dos- Mukasan"". It was formed from the first syllables of your names: Dos – stands for Dosym, Mu - stands for Murat, Ka - stands for Kamit, San - stands for Sanya (Alexander). We loved this original title, and this day is considered the birthday of the ensemble "DOS-Mukasan", which brought glory not only to their Polytech, but for the whole Kazakhstan became the winner of the X World Festival of youth and students in Berlin, the winner of the national competition of professional vocal and instrumental ensembles in Minsk, the winner of the Lenin Komsomol Award of Kazakhstan.

By the time of graduation, our ensemble had become a super-popular group not only in the Polytechnic University and Alma-Ata, but also in the whole republic. The Rector persuaded us to stay to work at the Institute in different positions. But, since many of us wanted to continue our postgraduate studies, Ashim Kurambayevich promised us targeted places in the best Moscow universities. Soon Kamit and Meyrbek were sent to the target postgraduate study at the Bauman Moscow Institute, and a year later I was sent to the Moscow Institute of steel and alloys.

Thus, the native Polytech became for me the main school not only educational and scientific, but also all my life! It was this school that allowed me to become a Doctor of science, an academician of the National Academy of Sciences and an Honored worker of science. It was thanks to this school that I was invited to head the administrative Department of the Ministry of Education and Science, the Committee of Higher Education of the republic. I am grateful that 30 years later the President of the independent country appointed me to the post of Rector of his (and my) alma mater - Kazakh National Technical University named after K. Satpayev. And, if I, already a pensioner, was offered to head the Institute of Seismology of the Republic of Kazakhstan, where I work now, then, all this thanks to our Polytech.

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