Syzdykov Askar Khamzayevich

Syzdykov Askar Khamzayevich

Vice-Rector for Scientific Work

Years of training: 1974-1979 yy.
Specialty: "Technology and Technics of Exploration of Mineral Deposits"

I entered the Kazakh Polytechnic Institute named after V. I. Lenin (later KazNPU named after K. I. Satbayev) in 1974. Perhaps at that moment I was guided by the intuition rather than calculation. But one thing I can say now, I am very pleased with the choice I made at that time. The University gave me not only professional knowledge, but also a bright, creative student life and strong friendly ties that have survived to this day.

I studied at the oil faculty, majoring in «Technology and Technics of Exploration of Mineral Deposits". Honestly, I just liked the name of the specialty. In the words "technique", "technology", "exploration", "deposit", "minerals" I could feel the dynamics, depth, alluring appeal of engineering.

During my studies, I do not have favorite or unloved things. And on this point I can quote an old Japanese proverb: "If you do what you love – you are free. But if you love what you're doing, you're happy." I always somehow manage to find interest in the things I do.

In a technical University, studying all subjects requires attention and perseverance. And it's certainly not easy. But as I said, in each subject I was able to find a grain of interest, it generated involvement and therefore helped to cope with the difficulties in studying these subjects.

If you do what you love – you are free. But if you love what you're doing, you're happy.

As a student, I found a whole galaxy of amazing teachers. Among them were young charismatic teachers, and venerable experienced luminaries, and each of them had its own unique uniqueness. Many of my teachers later became my colleagues at KazPTI, and some even close friends with whom we communicated with families. I can note Biletsky Marian Teodorovich, Tanatarov Toleuzhan Tanatarovich and many others. But, of course, a special attention deserves a man whom I can also call my mentor and teacher – Limanov Yesengali Limanovich, widely known and authoritative throughout the Soviet Union expert in his field. What he taught me became my professional core.

The warmest memories from student life are those bright moments that are associated with our musical group – "rock band of the oil faculty", of which I was a member, playing the drums. Rehearsals, concerts, competitions, performances, dances, composing music and songs - all this still causes a storm of emotions. These emotions are pleasant, very lyrical, touching and heartfelt. With music we then cemented friendship, camaraderie, trust and carried it all with the guys from our musical team through 40 years of life after graduation. We are still friends, when we meet we play music and fondly remember those warm times.

In 1980, after receiving an engineering degree, I also received an invitation to stay at the University, starting work as an employee of the newly opened branch research laboratory. This was a key moment in my life, and it determined the next ten years of my life, which were entirely devoted to industry science. The finale of this decade was my invention - " BIT diamond drill bit", introduced into serial production at the Kabardino-Balkarian diamond tools plant with the use of this tool in all geological exploration organizations of the USSR and the defense of the PhD thesis at the Leningrad Mining Institute named after G. V. Plekhanov. The head of my research activities has always been Yesengali Limanovich Limanov.

I see SatbayevUniversity as a locomotive of technical education and the epicenter of the development of industrial culture in Kazakhstan. 

Our generation was caught in a conscious age by major historical events such as transition to a market economy. It made adjustments to the plans I made when I graduated. I planned to devote my life to science and pedagogical work, but the history has developed so that my life baggage has also been supplemented by my activities as a production worker and manager in the organizations of the oil and gas industry. Now I work again at my native University and I understand that everything was not accidental, and the goals of my plans were achieved, even if not in the way I expected.

In the future, I see SatbayevUniversity as a locomotive of technical education and the epicenter of the development of industrial culture in Kazakhstan. To be a professional in their field, a SU student must, first of all, love to master the knowledge. And love is an art. And this art requires diligence, involvement, attentiveness, self-belief and trust in the process.

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