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Innovative potential of the economy

Innovative potential of the economy

On September 1, the state Head Kassym-Jomart Tokayev delivered his Message to the people of Kazakhstan. In his Address, the state Head set a strategic goal of creating a diversified, technological economy based, among other things, on such principles as productivity growth and environmental protection.

The President stressed the important role of scientific and technological support for activities related to major domestic manufacturers and their interaction with scientists in the field of innovation and economic growth.

When holding a speech at the meeting of National Council of public trust, the state Head also noted, “Launching the innovative technologies plays a significant role in improving the efficiency of natural resources use. We have legally obliged subsurface users to direct 1% of their income to scientific and technical developments."

This means that such large metallurgical giants as "Kazakhmys", "Kazzinc", "UK TMK", "Kazchrom", "Kazatomprom" and others should take patronage over the research Institute. Institute scientists are ready to take this baton in solving technical and environmental problems through new technologies development and subsequent scientific and technical support.

Mining and metallurgical complex is one of the priority sectors that can ensure the republic's entry into the list of technologically developed countries in accordance with "Kazakhstan-2050" strategy.

However, most of the technologies in this industry do not fully meet modern requirements. For example, research is needed to improve technologies for extracting valuable components from poor ores and industrial waste, as well as the use of new advanced processing methods.

Metallurgy and Enrichment Institute has 75 years of experience in conducting fundamental and applied research in the field of metallurgy of non-ferrous, rare and precious metals, mineral processing and materials science. Over the years, scientists have implemented various state programs. For example, during the aluminum plant construction in Kostanay region, our Institute participated in the program of scientific and technological support for constructing an alumina refinery based on Bayer-hydro garnet technology for processing Koktal bauxite.

On the territory of “MEI” experimental metallurgical production, scientists made a pilot plant and tested Bayer-hydro garnet technology in conditions close to the factory. Experimental samples of production alumina, micronized aluminum hydroxide, hydro garnet sludge as well as cast iron and building bricks were developed.

Within the grant financing of RK MES Science Fund, our Institute together with the business partner are implementing "Production of polymeric sulfur Green Crete™ and construction materials on its basis" project. Today we offer innovative developments that are in demand by mining and metallurgical enterprises not just in Kazakhstan, but also in China, Turkey, Switzerland, Russia and Uzbekistan.

Technologies developed by our Institute for extracting non-ferrous, precious, rare and rare earth metals from mineral, man-made and secondary raw materials allow us to solve a number of scientific and technical problems of industrial enterprises, increase their profitability, and expand the raw material base of metals.

Based on the results of tests carried out in production conditions, it was recommended to implement the technology of selenium refining and processing of waste slag with additional extraction of copper in “Kazakhmys Smelting”, production of nickel-cobalt concentrate from waste of heat-resistant nickel super alloys in “Zhezkazganredmet”, processing of hard-to-enrich gold-containing ores in “Altyntau-Kokshetau.”

Processing of mineral raw materials with a low content of valuable components has required new approaches. We have proposed methods for synthesis of modified flotation agents that contribute to intensifying the flotation of non-ferrous metals, extraction of gold from resistant mineral raw materials applying new equipment and methods of pre-oxidation of minerals. Innovative technologies for processing ferrous sands of alumina production, and extraction of rare and rare earth metals from waste and industrial products of chromium, phosphorus and uranium production have been developed as well. As a result, Metallurgy and Enrichment Institute has developed 25 business plans and technical regulations.

State support is required for implementing these turnkey technologies in production. Scientists submitted one scientific and technical program for basic research, two for applied research, and more than 50 projects for grant funding to RK Education and Science Ministry.

All projects and programs that will be realized due to leading foreign universities’ and research centers’ participation have already received support in the form of financial and logistical contributions from our business partners: “Aluminum Kazakhstan”, “TMK MC”, “Kazchrom”, “Kazatomprom”, “Kazakhmys Smelting”, “Altyntau-Kokshetau”, “Zhezkazganredmet”, “Kazphosphate” and others.

Author: Bagdaulet Kenzhaliyev,
General Director of Metallurgy and Enrichment Institute,
Laureate of RK State prize in Al-Farabi science and technology sphere, Professor

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