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The exhibition "Generational Continuity: Stages of Architectural Excellence"

The exhibition "Generational Continuity: Stages of Architectural Excellence"

The exhibition "Generational Continuity: Stages of Architectural Excellence", dedicated to the 110th birthday anniversary of M.M. Mendikulov and T.K. Basenov, will be opened November 8.

Bolat Kuspangaliev (Director of Architecture and civil engineerring institute):

The main idea of ​​the exhibition is to honor the memory of the older generation and show continuity in the profession, to show not only the origins of modern Kazakhstani architecture, which are successfully represented by M.M. Mendikulov and T.K. Bassenov, but also the continuity of modern architects creativity with the achievements of their great predecessors. It is difficult to overestimate the contribution of these people to the development of Kazakhstani architecture. They are part of a galaxy of prominent representatives of the creative intelligentsia of Kazakhstan, whose talent flourished in the second half of the 20th century, they were among those masters of architecture whose efforts helped to build and radically update the architectural look of Almaty and other cities. The memory of them will undoubtedly remain for centuries.

Mendikulov Malbagar (1909-1986) – architect, scientist, founder of architectural science in Kazakhstan, the first professor of architecture in Kazakhstan, the honored architect of the Kazakh SSR, first president of the Kazakh branch of the USSR Academy of Construction and Architecture.

Bassenov Toleu (1909-1976) – the first professional Kazakh architect, honored builder of the Kazakh SSR, corresponding member of the Academy of Architecture and Construction of the USSR, one of the first academic scientists in the field of architecture, founder of the Kazakh architectural school, first chairman of the Union of Architects of Kazakhstan. The organizer of the republic’s first architectural faculty at the Kazakh Polytechnic Institute named after V.I.Lenin.

By combining architects of different generations and directions, but undoubtedly bright, distinctive and talented, it is possible to present the art of a sufficiently large period - from the 40s of the XX century to the beginning of the XXI century.

The exposition demonstrates the work of accomplished masters and students, providing an opportunity to see firsthand the "bridge" of the succession of generations in art.

The exhibition becomes traditional and opens within the walls of the famous Polytechnic University, in which the preparation of architects for the first time began and the national architectural school of Kazakhstan was formed. The continuity of culture and the preservation of creative finds, increasing the prestige and significance of the profession of an architect - this is the idea of ​​the exhibition. In the continuation of the exhibition, Open Doors Days will be held, future students and their parents will be able to get acquainted with the national architectural school of Kazakhstan within the walls of Satbayev University.

At the opening of the exhibition are invited:

  • the architectural community of Almaty,
  • representatives of the largest organizations: the Union of Architects of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Union of Urban Planners of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the National Association of Designers of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Union of Builders of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Union of Designers of the Republic of Kazakhstan, design institutes and construction firms.

Place and time: Satbayev University, November 08-16, 2019.
Grand opening – 15:00 h. November 08, 2019
Satbayev University, Main Educational Building (MEB), Almaty, st. Satpayev, 22.

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